How to Sell More with a Sales Leads Map ?

By HsinLing Hou

Posted in Sales Tips

Sales leads map

New sales leads may be the lifeblood of your business, which is why lead generation is so important in the sales field.

At some companies, generating sales leads falls to the marketing department since they are responsible for all advertising and outreach materials.  However, in many organizations, it is common for salespeople to do the sales leads by themselves. In this case, a sales leads map can help salespeople to integrate their Sales and Marketing.

Simple lead generation in marketing usually starts with:

  • Desk research
  • Telemarketing
  • Targeted mailing lists
  • Networking
  • Social media platforms

Although these methods of lead generation are important, they don’t fill the need of a salesperson to see their leads on a map when they are out in the field. Also, field reps are often away from their desks making cold calling, sending out email from the road, and juggling a ton of other tasks.

What would change salespeople’s life if they used a sales leads map? They could:

  • Hunt new leads down by location - Badger Maps includes some potential customers data, like cardiologists, dentists, pharmacies, etc., and the map shows where leads are when you are in the field.
  • Bring the data together into one - Great sales mapping applications can integrate with CRMs, such as Salesforce, Dynamics, ACT, SAP, Sage, Oracle, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Zoho, Base CRM, etc. Also, it works with Excel Spreadsheet. This means all the critical data is in one visual location, and it helps salespeople save time to search their leads.
  • Plan better with your schedule and gain more leads - sales leads Maps add your appointments to the best route planner, and optimize them. Sales rep can stop driving so much, and spend time getting things done. Also, they will get extra time to generate more near-by leads.
  • Focus on the best opportunities - Maps help you to colorize customers with different pinpoints. Reps can then filter down to the most important customers and prospects. It is easy with the right map app to differentiate their leads and explore their best opportunities.

Some mapping apps offer a free trial, so its worth checking out and getting your leads on the map.


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