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Looking for a route mapping software like Microsoft MapPoint? Or an alternative?

If you’re trying to download Microsoft MapPoint, it’s not available anymore! But there are MapPoint alternatives like Badger Maps.

Here’s what we will cover. (Use the links to jump to the section of your choice.)

MapPoint Replacement - Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a feature-rich route-planning software similar to Mappoint used by major companies like Henry Schein, Dentsply Sirona and Siemens. 

  • Route optimizer
  • Daily planner
  • Scheduler builder

Badger is used by:

  • outside sales teams
  • delivery teams
  • teams that need route planners for field sales. 

Badger for Managers

Managers can also use Badger Maps as a central dashboard for managing all their reps - like assigning meetings, managing routes and downloading automated field reports.

Watch a walkthrough here of Badger Maps to see how field sales reps are using it to get the fastest routes to all their sales appointments.

Use Badger’s fully functional mobile applications for both iOS and Android to ensure easy on-the-go access. 

It gets better.

Badger Maps can also integrate with your CRM of choice, be it Salesforce, Oracle or Dynamics CRM- you can have ready access to all your customer details at all times.

Want to know why?

Let’s find out:

1. Waste Less Time On The Road

If you ask field sales representatives about their biggest daily grouse, odds are they will say it is getting caught in traffic or having to take long, convoluted routes to get from point to point.

Badger Maps makes this issue a thing of the past.

With Badger Map’s advanced route optimization software, sales representatives are shown the most optimal route to take. 

Not only will you get the most optimized route, but target locations and current traffic are kept in in mind.

This way, there’s less time wasted in traffic and more time to actually convert leads. 

This is automated route planning at it’s finest. 

Mappoint Replacement

2. Automated Adjustments for Meeting Cancellations

If there’s a cancellation, or a new goal for the day, the route optimizer can optimize your directions to ensure that you and your team are still following the best route possible.

Want to know how much difference route optimization makes?

 Studies showed that sales representatives who used Badger Maps spend a whopping 25% less time stuck in traffic as a result! 

That’s 2 extra hours every day to meet more clients!

3. Say Goodbye To Troublesome Scheduling

Ask previous Microsoft MapPoint users and they’ll tell you that making adjustments to their schedule was quite a burden.

Badger Maps tackles that problem by making route scheduling a breeze.

Business users can organize their daily targets according to a variety of criteria. 

For example, you can choose to schedule meetings with priority leads first or choose to engage with clients in a certain locality first - it’s all up to you. You can adjust the route sequence number to fit their own needs entirely.

Badger Maps will automatically determine the most optimal route and recommend driving directions. This means that you can base your scheduling according to real data, rather than guesswork.

Sales reps also have the option of color coding their customer list and adding pushpin images on the map to make it easier for them to distinguish between different client types. 

For example, you can mark initial pitch meetings with a blue pushpin and a follow-up meeting with a green one. 

You will spend less time trying to distinguish between the requirements of each meeting and have more time to properly prep for each one. 

The tool also provides managers with detailed reports highlighting any un-utilized leads, undersold accounts and dynamic property details. 

This is territory management at it’s best.

4. Find New Leads

A MapPoint alternative service shouldn't just stop at managing your current leads. It should help you find more.  

Sales representatives can use the Lasso feature to draw a circle over a particular area and you will get a whole list of potential clients to engage within that sales territory. 

With the Places feature, you can find new leads and know exactly when to meet them. You’ll have info on everything - be it streets, zip codes, cities, customer data or demographic data. This way, you’ll always be able to make informed business decisions.

5. Automated Travel Records

Maintaining logs is one of the most important aspects of the field sales process. 

As a sales rep, you need to make a note of who you’ve visited, what happened and what to expect in the future. 

You also need to regularly update your supervisor and sales manager about where you are and how much time you’ve spent at the wheel.

Naturally, keeping track of all this business data can be extremely tiresome and isn’t a good use of time.

Badger Maps can spare your team that discomfort through the check-n feature that takes automated logs when you go to a meeting.

You don’t need to manually input when you arrived or left - the system does it for you. 

There’s also a helpful shortcut menu with a template so that you can input all the relevant information you need in a jiffy. 

Mappoint Replacement

6. Super Simple Sales Management 

If you’re a sales manager, keeping track of the performance of all your sales representatives is not an easy task - they could be scattered all over, working on multiple accounts, and have varying targets. 

Badger Maps tries to make this a little easier by providing managers with detailed reports and data visualization about your salespeople’s activities.

You have access to valuable geographic data and visual representations of aspects like: 

  • Hours worked
  • Leads converted
  • Route sheets
  • Impact evaluation, etc.

All this allows you to visualize better where you and your employees stand in terms of team and organizational performance.

Additionally, you can give each employee individual attention by organizing and distributing tasks to sales representatives from your centralized dashboard. 

You can make on-the-fly changes to your employees' targets and tasks knowing that their routes will be automatically adjusted. 

You wouldn’t need to worry about whether they got your message or not - the app does it all for you.

7. Be Efficiently Mobile

One of the biggest issues with Microsoft MapPoint was the fact that it didn’t have a mobile app. So it wasn’t connected to a web service and didn’t automatically get updates from the office. 

For a profession that involves traveling a lot, having a mobile app isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic necessity. 

Luckily, Badger Maps has fully functional applications for both iOS and Android. Now your sales reps will have all their desktop mapping capabilities even when their hands are on the wheel.

In addition to this, these GPS systems are supported:

  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • Apple Maps

You have an accurate, live map that also corresponds to the kind of GPS device you and your reps used to using. 

Badger Maps allows your sales reps to stay mobile without having to compromise on functionality. It’s the perfect match.

Feature Comparison

MapPoint Microsoft used to be an integral tool for sales reps. 

But just like Windows CE and Microsoft Office XP was a grossly outdated product compared to today’s software like Badger Maps.

Here are a few things Microsoft MapPoint never had:

  • Automated reporting
  • Extensive schedule customizability
  • Fully Functional Mobile Apps
  • Prospect Identification
  • Centralized Management Tools
  • Automatic Adaptable Routing
  • No Live Traffic Reporting

MapPoint was an excellent tool for Microsoft Windows in the 2000's and revolutionized the field sales profession along with Microsoft Streets and Trips.

But the modern sales rep needs a business intelligence focused software. 

An outdated tool like MapPoint can no longer cut it. 

That’s why Badger Maps isn’t just a replacement for MapPoint; it’s a vast improvement!

Badger Maps is a one-stop solution for all your field sales needs. 

With Badger Maps you no longer have to:

  • Use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to organize your contacts
  • Browse Chrome or Internet Explorer to find leads
  • Scroll through maps on Google and send routes to Google Maps or Bing

Why Was it Discontinued?

Microsoft MapPoint, also known as Autoroute in Europe, was quietly discontinued in 2014 with support to users no longer supplied since July 2015. 

No one knows exactly why Microsoft discontinued this loved software and they have started pointing users to Bing Maps, but Bing Maps was not built for the field sales person.

Badger Maps was built for field sales reps and teams, and can do what MapPoint did and more.

Do Older MapPoint Versions Still Work?

Even if you could somehow manage to download previous versions like Mappoint North America 2013, Mappoint Europe 2013, etc. they would give you completely inaccurate data. 

Essentially, the tool has been rendered useless.

Check out how Badger Maps is the Best Mappoint Replacement.

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