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Say Less and Sell More: The Art of Storytelling - Outside Sales Talk with  Park Howell

Park Howell is the host of The Business of Story podcast, which talks about the art of storytelling in sales. In addition to hosting The Business of Story podcast, ranked among the top 10% of downloaded podcasts in the world, Park has also authored two books: Brand Bewitchery: How to Wield the Story Cycle System™ to Craft Spellbinding Stories for Your Brand and The Narrative Gym for Business: Introducing the ABT Framework for Business Communication and Messaging, co-authored with Dr. Randy Olson.

In this episode, Park talks about the main aspects shared by art and communication, and the power of brand storytelling to increase the numbers of your business.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • The importance of storytelling in business, and how to learn from art and brands like Pixar
  • The difference between online and in-person storytelling
  • Why the ABT foundational narrative framework is key to improving sales
  • How to apply a natural style of storytelling to be a better salesperson

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