Why Sales Route Optimization is Worth Millions

By Wyatt Houghton

Posted in Sales Tips


Time is money. So why waste time when you can be making money? The secret is that you don’t need to change how you sell, but rather the sales productivity apps to help you sell. And sales route optimization is one tool included in a great sales map app that will buy you time to get you more sales.

Sales route optimization is one of the reasons the Badger Map is the best sales territory mapping app. The sales route mapping app tells you the most efficient way to reach all of your clients by integrating your calendar and schedule with your customer information on a Google Map - right on your iPad or iPhone. You choose which customers you need to see and when, the sales map app will tell you the most optimized route to get there and what time you will get there.

Now let’s look at the numbers to see why route mapping is so important. According to the ROI calculator (download here), if a salesperson uses Badger Maps his monthly gross savings are $98 in gas alone (see chart). Not only is there fuel cost reduction, but also there is an increase in sales. salespeople often see an increase in their number of meetings per week between 25 - 30% with optimized sales route mapping. This translates into a rise in sales productivity. Depending on the relationship between meetings with customers and Sales, the average Salesperson with an optimized route will get 25k more sales per month.


Imagine if every salesperson in your entire company could each save and make you this much more money through having an optimized route. Imran Rafique, a thought leader in Sales (and a Badger customer) believes its critical to Cut Out Unnecessary Work for your salespeople. A sales route mapping, optimization, and planning app decreases costs and increases revenue for hundreds of companies. When you do the math, giving your sales team a sales map software for sales route optimization is worth millions.


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