Use Route Mapping Software To Easily Organize Your Day

By Brian Chalif

Posted in Productivity

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Which looks more like your sales route?

Most sales people would answer the left, which clearly is less efficient and an overly complicated sales route. Route mapping software make the transition from the left to the right map with the simple click of a button, which is clearly simpler and more organized.

Benefits of route mapping software:

  • Save time: By optimizing your route, clearly you will spend the least amount of time driving. But also, you will save time with daily scheduling drastically.
  • More sales: More time leads to more meetings each day, which leads to more sales.
  • New leads: Route software also can show new leads in your industry. To find leads it is as simple as picking an industry and then seeing the places in the area that may be of interest.
  • Save gas: Although often overlooked, you can save a considerable amount of money on gas -- $250 or more per year.
  • Mobile: Routing mapping software is not new. The biggest issue in the past the software was only for computers. Now routing software is portable and interconnected; one account is now reachable from computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Last minute changes: Since route mapping is portable, last minute meeting changes will not ruin your whole day plan. Simply put the change into the mapping software, conveniently on your phone, and see your new efficiently planned route.

Make the transition, stay competitive, and step into the only way to do sales in the 21st century. Routing software is easy to start using and after you start, you will wonder why you went so long without it.


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