Map Sales: Make Your Life Easier!

By Badger Maps

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So you’re a sales rep, on the road, ready to meet your current clients for the day. What can you use to make your life a whole lot simpler? You can organize your clients in your sales territory with a tool that can help you map sales.

The Badger Map is an app that allows you to schedule all your appointments ahead of time by plugging in your clients’ addresses to Badger software which will provide you with the most efficient route that will help you optimize your time. Major traffic jam? No problem. BadgerMaps will give you the fastest route that incorporates live traffic data. Besides all this extra saved time, a great map app with also give you the opportunity to identify potential NEW clients. BadgerMaps is unique in that the app also generates leads in the nearby geographic area that you can approach.

The data visualization of all your clients for the day is extremely helpful because it will help you better organize your day. Not only will you save time, but you are also being more sustainable and economical by saving gas as you drive a more efficient route to reach all your customers. Say goodbye to the old days of driving all over the city, wasting money and time.

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