What are Routes?

What is a Route?

Badger Map’s focus is helping you creating optimized sales routes so you can save time and sell more. You can view your current routes and saved routes in the “Routes” tab.

How to add an Account to your Route:

To add a single account to route:

  1. Click on the pin of the account you would like to add or select the account from your Accounts list.
  2. Then click on the “Add to Route” button. This pin has now been added to your route
  3. Click on Optimize again to re-optimize your route (optional)

How to use Lasso to Build a Route:

  1. Select the “Lasso” tab on your toolbar and click on “Start Lasso”.
  2. Draw any shape around a group of accounts that you would like to create a route for.
  3. On the bottom menu, click on the “Create Route” button.

This will automatically create an optimized route based on the accounts you selected. Click here to read our use case on best practices in using filters to create highly targeted routes!

How to Save a Route:

When you’re finished building your route, click on the “Save” button. You will need to enter a route date and a route name, this makes finding your saved routes easy to find.

When you save your route, you’ll be able to access it from the sidekick webapp and on the mobile app version of Badger Maps so you’ll have all your routes at your fingertips.

How to Optimize a Route:

If you use the Lasso tool to create a route for a specific group of accounts, the route is automatically optimized.

If you created your route manually or have added appointments to your route, you can click on the “Optimize” button at any time to re-optimize your route.

How to Move An Account/Appointment on your Route:

If you would like to change the order of your route, you can click on the three grey lines next to the lettered pin of the account you would like to change. Now, you’ll be able to drag the account to where you would like it on your route. Just make sure not click on Optimize because this would rearrange your route stops.

You have full flexibility to build your best sales routes.

How to Change the Appointment Duration:

You can change both the time an appointment begins and the length of appointments on your routes.

To change the start time of an appointment, click on the “time” icon next to the pin on the appointment you would like to change. You’ll be able to choose the set or clear the start time of that appointment.

To change the length of an appointment, click on the “length” icon next to the “time” icon on the appointment you would like to change. You’ll be able to change the length of the appointment here.

To change your default appointment length:

  • On the mobile apps (iOS and Android):
    • Go to Settings, select “Default Appointment Length”
    • Select your desired default appointment and you’re done
  • On iOS

  • On Android

If you don’t have access to our mobile apps, send us an email at support@badgermapping.com, and we’ll set this up for you.

What do the Route Stats mean?

Routes stats is a nifty and efficient way of knowing how long your route will take, how much you’ll be driving and breaks down your day by meeting time versus traveling time.

When you optimize your sales routes, you drive 20% less and sell 25% more with more meeting time.

How to export a route to your PDF, calendar, or GPX:

We know that not everyone prefers to use their mapping app on their phone when going through their route so there a few options to export your route based on your preferences.

To export your route to either a PDF, calendar/ICS file, or GPX file (for GPS navigation devices), click on the “More” button on your current route and you’ll be able to choose the format that you want to export your route to.

Learn more about exporting your route your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

Use Case: How to colorize Accounts already in a Route:

For many sales people, it’s important to keep track of which accounts have already been added to a route. This makes it easier to build future routes faster and with less headache.

You can do this in a few clicks with the Lasso Tool:

  1. Create a Filter in your Badger Maps account called “Routed” that you will use to mark down the accounts that have been added to a route.
  2. Once you have the group of accounts you would like to create a route with, use the Lasso tool to select them.
  3. Click on “Mass Update” and change the “Routed” filter value to be “Yes” or whatever value you choose to let you know that the account has been routed
  4. Save with the “Update Accounts” button
  5. Now you can create your route by clicking on “Create Route”

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