4 Top Features Of Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Their Benefits


Sales Force Automation or SFA in short, is probably a term that should seem to be a synonym for Sales to any business concerned about Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

If your business deals with more than a handful of customers and sales is the primary objective, SFA is your new best friend.

What is SFA?

analysis-1841158_640Sales Force Automation is more of an automated procedure that incorporates and mechanizes distinctive parts of business processes running from client contact administration, to handle sales estimate and representative execution assessment.

In a more sorted manner, it connects up every single component of a business and permits consistent information stream through various branches that would some way or another require serious conceptualizing over different levels with difficulty equivalent to the illogical with petty HR.

Recently SFA has been a standout amongst the most indispensable parts of all the effective organizations. The general execution helps it stand as an irreplaceable resource.

Features of SFA

The features of SFA are more than vibrant. SFA has been perfectly tailored to deal with most of the business tasks if not all. The features are subdivided in the following sectors:

  • Customer and Deals Management
  • Leads
  • Productivity Acceleration
  • Insights Management

Customer & Deals Management

business-1836990_640If sales are the backbone of your business, the role of a customer can never be given enough emphasis. SFA’s main objective is CRM and thus a handful of critical features are part of this sector. To be frank, most of the benefits of SFA are going to turn your sales rep into a super sales rep.

Contact Management

You’ll get a complete view of your customer contact details, activity history, past interactions and internal account discussions right on your fingertips. Even insights from multiple social-media platforms are available. And the best part is all these data is available throughout the framework of SFA anytime a reference is required.

Opportunity Management

Never miss a detail from the on-going deals- stage progress, quotes, team status and much more.

Sales Force Engage

All you need is few clicks to make personalized campaigns and monitor how the customers are engaging. All developments are instantaneously notified.

Sales Collaboration

Close more details from the resources social media interactions offer. You can find experts, gain competitive information and track the deals on the move.

Sales Performance Management

You can never fall short on giving your team enough attention when it comes to closing the deals. Get real-time data on your team, set metric-based goals, give coaching notes, provide feedback and drive performance by rewarding their efforts.


computer-767776_640Leads are as important as sales in business. Without leads, sales can be in trouble. SFA knows better and has an intuitive Lead Management system.

Lead Management

Get the most effective ways to invest your money, track real-time leads and the deals, and optimize your on-going campaigns to stay on top of your game.

Partner Management

Work with your partner networks at a whole new level. You can actively monitor involvements, share objectives, and activities to ensure maximum output.

Productivity Acceleration

blur-1853262_640One of the SFA’s strongholds is its ability to accelerate productivity using their cloud platform. There are a handful of features that ensure a drastic boost in your total productivity.


Your Smartphone is no longer just a Smartphone. It’s going to be your portable sales office with the Salesforce1 mobile application. You can log your calls, check your sales performance, respond to leads and stay in pace with the work opportunities anywhere you are.

Workflow and Approvals

With simple drag-and-drop GUI, designing and automating your business processes have never been easier.

Micromanage your business processes such as expenses, deal discounts, promotional offers, and much more through the flexible approval system.

Inside Sales Console

Deliver your inside sales team with the perfect booster they need. Your sales team can now access sales intelligence, detailed company info and multiple leads from a single screen, building a smarter and faster workforce.

Email Integration

Integrate all your existing email applications and use them more efficiently without changing anything from your side at all.

Files Sync and Share

It’s never been easier to share files with your team & engaging in discussions, publishing and as well as real-time tracking of the content. You can effortlessly search the files you need, manage the access permissions and even setup to receive notifications whenever a change takes place.

Insights Management

office-1081807_640Insights are the sketches of your hard work paying off. All the data SFA has handled finally boils down in the form of insight demographics, accessible by everyone and everywhere as you need.

Reports and Dashboards

Access your dashboards from anywhere and anytime to get real-time reports of your businesses via intuitive interface and graphics.

Sales Forecasting

Smart, easy and accurate forecasting of your sales based on numerous variables delivered real-time to your team’s dashboard with great features such as inline editing, visibility override and multi-currency support making sales forecasting as easy as a pie.

Territory Management

Territory management is a very tough business. SFA simplifies the process for you by allowing you to create multiple territory models, previews before rollout while giving you the freedom to balance and optimize the territories after implementation.

The SFA packs a great repertoire of tweaked features that are designed to meet all your business needs and ensure you stay on top of your game.

Necessity of SFA for your Business

typing-690856_640At some point or the other, the overwhelming customer database and CRM driven sales will make SFA an indispensable tool for a growing business.

According to the recent IDC survey, Sales Force Automation has produced:

  • 30% increase in deal closures
  • 18% reduction in sales cycle
  • 14% reduction in sales administration time
  • When these figures are applied to a multi-million dollar financial institution, the overall productivity and profit increase can be quite substantial.

Let’s take a look why SFA is a necessity for your business in the modern scenario if you look forward to stay in the top of your league.

Huge cut down in Work Hours

SFA can save your sales team more than a few hundred hours each year. SFA can take care of providing customer contacts, logging past interactions, scheduling emails & appointments, tracking responses and lot more.

If these tasks were to be manually done, would take a handful of hours each week and consistent sync would be impossible. But with the cloud technology, each team member is updated even on the go.

Sales Forecast and Trend Detection

The intelligent sales forecast is one the most important feature of SFA. It analyzes past sales records, checks with the present sales database and along with a bunch of pipelining opportunities, providing your sales team an insight into the upcoming opportunities.

It also allows you to gain better leads from your existing customers by analyzing their past sales pattern and generating customized campaigns.

Sales Team Management

Most of the work hours of your sales team might be taken up by tallying the metric from different sections. SFA is equipped to completely take this matter into its hands.

All the metrics are managed and tallied up as soon as they’re generated along with features such as multi-currency conversions.

It also makes territory management tremendously easy, thus allowing your sales team to utilize most of the work hours to increase productivity rather than managing productivity.

Lead Management

Pursuing leads are much more convenient and easier than before using SFA’s lead management features. Leads are generated and converted from social media interactions, website visits and campaign impressions.

The sales team is instantly notified of hot leads and allows real-time customer engagement.

Cloud Platform and its Perks

SFA being cloud platform software allows seamless data flow between all the branches of your business, anywhere and anytime. Your sales team doesn’t have to communicate manually with your inventory management team to know the status for closing a deal with the potential customer. Everybody knows everything they need, delivered to their respective terminals or devices live 24×7.

The Bottom-Line

Sales Force Automation System is absolutely a necessity for any business whose backbone is sales and customer relationship management.

SFA software can cut down thousands of wasted work hours while improving productivity multiple folds. If you need your business to stay in the game against heavy competition, SFA is the answer.

About the Author:

Working as Digital Marketing Executive at SoftwareSuggest, Abhishek Dorik loves to share his expertise on Software Research and Discovery. Abhishek has a keen knowledge in software performances and its importance in the Industry; he has successfully reviewed software in categories including Sales Force Automation Software, Hospital Management Software, and Help Desk Software. You can find him on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin.

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