Multiple stop route planners provide more than basic mapping apps

By HsinLing Hou

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Multiple stop route planners

Are you still using basic mapping software, such as Google Maps, to type in your customers’ addresses one by one when you visit them?

What a hassle! Google maps is a good mapping app when you are going to only ONE place. But when you have tons of appointments, Google Maps is not the way to go. Let’s see why multiple stop route planners would work better for you:

  • They’re easy to use – A great mapping program should be easy to learn and use. You shouldn’t spend any time learning how to use a route-mapping app or retyping in clients for every route. This time should be spent visiting more clients.
  • It plots multiple addresses at one time. If your mapping software can’t have more than one address at the same time, there’s no way to optimize for multiple stops. When you don’t optimize your route, you have no idea whether the places you are visiting are close or actually in the opposite direction. If you can see all stops on the map at one time, the map can automatically route the simplest way for you.
  • It syncs with your CRM – Good routing software connects to your CRM, making it so that you can update account information easily without using multiple pieces of software. You can see all your customers on the map, and it makes your route building way easier.
  • It gives you the shortest route – With route mapping software, you always get directions with the shortest route. With an optimized route, you’ll find the quickest way to get from point A to point B. Most people shave more 20% off driving time, so you can either fit in more appointments or get home earlier.

You won’t believe how much time you will save and how much more productive you will be using route planning software. Learn more about Mapping Multiple Locations with a free trial now.


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