Is Badger Maps the best Portatour alternative?

By Hamish Mcewen

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Sales reps across the country have been seeking a Mappoint alternative or Streets and Trips replacement ever since Microsoft ended those programs in December of 2014. Some former users of Mappoint and Streets and Trips have found their way to Portatour, which makes route mapping software. Users of Portatour may find themselves asking if there is similar software available that is more developed and better suited to for sales reps. Badger Maps is the best Portatour alternative for several reasons.


Portatour is best for delivery people, not sales people:

Portatour is a great program for users who are doing daily deliveries and who are building a route around an area given the constraints of when they are working, how many stops in a day, what the scheduled dropoffs are, etc. The program is well suited for someone dropping off packages at different locations within the same day.

As a Portatour alternative, Badger Maps allows salespeople to use a mapping program that doesn’t just throw everything into a route. Instead, Badger enables users to do what they need to do - make decisions about which customers to focus on and build the best route given who their most important customers are. Badger Maps does this by allowing the sales rep to categorize customers and visualize what they need to do in a given day. Then Badger creates the route, just like Portatour, but adapted to the unique needs of the sales person.


Portatour can only be used effectively on the computer, they don’t have an iPhone, iPad App, or Android version

Portatour is a web based program, so it runs best on a computer. This limits the user to using Portatour on a computer. The experience on mobile devices is not strong, as users are forced to use the browser on a smartphone or tablet.


Badger Maps has a web browser version like Portatour, but also is available in the Apple
App Store - so it is a much more useful solution on these devices. They same goes for an Android app - Badger has one, Portatour doesn’t. No matter what device you have, Badger has a version that is perfectly adapted for that operating system. This means you are getting the ideal user experience.


Calendars and Lead Generation

Another key differentiator that makes Badger a great Portatour replacement is that it has calendar integration and lead generation, two highly useful features that are not available on Portatour. Calendar integration allows the user to pull the route into your calendar. Lead generation is a highly useful feature which allows users to view potential clients in their map and right alongside their current clients.


Customer Support

Customer support is also important when getting a solution for a sales team, Badger receives high marks for its customer support, and their friendly customer support team will help you every step of the way. Many people that have switched from Portatour to Badger have said that the customer service at Portatour is lacking, which in fairness is likely because a lot of customers are in the USA, and Portatour is based in Austria. Badger being based in California, is better suited to serve customers in North America (Although our European customers think our support is great over there too, it just involves us staying up late).

Badger Maps is a great alternative to Portatour because it is a more developed and streamlined application. It works seamlessly with your devices and has valuable features that will help sales reps make more sales and save time. Costing $70, Portatour is far more costly than Badger Maps. Check out the Portatour comparison page for a detailed comparison that shows why Badger is the best Portatour alternative. If you’re a salesperson and using Portatour, take a look at Badger, its a great step up.


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