Increase Sales Rep Productivity and Save Hours Every Week with Badger Maps and HubSpot

Don’t leave your field sales reps driving around in circles. Badger Maps and HubSpot keeps rep efficiency high while taking admin and planning work off their plate.

Outside and field sales reps have an exhausting, but often fun, job. They’re on their feet or in their car most of the day, and they’re constantly putting themselves out there in order to try to make more connections and close more deals.

Without great field sales reps, companies that depend on regional markets can’t function or grow at the rate they’d like to. 

And even the most talented, charismatic, and connected outside sales reps can’t do their best work without the right tools at their disposal. 

Planning a route for the day can be a daily annoyance for field and outside sales reps — and it takes so much longer than it should. Deciding which prospects to focus on based on where they’ll be, plugging in their addresses to Google Maps manually, reordering them over and over again until they form a route that seems to make sense and shouldn’t waste too much energy or gas. It’s time consuming in and of itself, and if done poorly, it can lead to an inefficient slog of a sales day — and a big gas bill at the end of it. 

That’s where Badger Maps and HubSpot come in.

Badger Maps is a sales enablement platform that creates interactive maps out of prospect and customer information within HubSpot so field sales reps can build routes and schedule their day.

And HubSpot is a powerful CRM that holds all the prospect and customer data you need to make more sales, reach new people, and ensure you’re connecting with the right people, at the right time. 

3 Ways that HubSpot and Badger Maps Make Sales Work More Efficient and Productive

1. Plan an efficient, cost-effective route for every day out in the field

Badger Maps integrates with HubSpot to create an interactive map of all the prospects you plan to visit on any given day. It automatically figures out the fastest route to get to all of your daily sales meetings, saving time and gas costs — and helping sales reps reach more people and close more deals. In fact, Badger Maps and HubSpot let field sales reps keep their planning time down to 10 minutes a day, allows reps to drive 20% less (and save on gas), and sell 20% more.

For example, Cutter & Buck, a high-end sportswear and event promotion clothing company, brought on Badger Maps because they were looking to level up their outside sales rep output. They used Badger Maps to ensure that reps were taking enough meetings, and to help them with tracking the progress of their days and their deals.

Needless to say, it worked: "After getting Badger Maps, weekly meetings per rep jumped from 12 to 20. This led to a 22% increase in annual revenue," shared Brad Moxley, Business Development Manager at Cutter & Buck.

2. Use filters and color coding to help give context to each route and every stop — and prioritize your day with prospect info from HubSpot.

Badger Maps doesn’t just create a route for reps to follow: it’s an interactive map with color coding, customer info, and sales KPIs built right in. Sales team members can structure and filter their map based on which leads and customers are the top priority of the day, helping them focus on the most important accounts and prioritizing effectively.

The organizational tools within Badger Maps also allow sales leaders to manage their sales team and territories. Managers can use this integration to visually see and filter by the top priorities in their HubSpot CRM, including sales stage, sales year to date, type of business, days since last checked-in, and more.

For example, Badger Maps helped NCR Aloha increase their sales by a whopping 20%, and helps keep outside sales teams efficient and on track. “Knowing our most valuable accounts, and the best way to get to them, saves us a ton of time driving. Badger’s route optimization cuts our drive time by 25%,” said John O’Kain, a Territory Manager at NCR Aloha. Reducing drive time is critical to making sure sales reps are maximizing every moment of their day and using their sales skills to connect with customers and prospects — not doubling back over a poorly planned route.

3. Get field sales teams connected and comfortable with their toolkit and reduce the burden of admin work.

Badger Maps is such a user-friendly tool that it actually helps sales teams collect data from the field for HubSpot, which saves time for reps on the move. Badger is also exceedingly helpful when onboarding and training new outside sales reps who don’t know their territory well. It helps every rep make the most of the powerful information housed in both platforms. 

“CRM usage increased more than 50% once our sales team adopted Badger Maps,” said Ken Buck, a Regional Sales Manager at Kerr - Danaher. 

The integration’s two-way sync allows reps to update customer and prospect info on the go. Instead of having to come back to the office or their home base and do a bunch of data input at the end of the day, reps can simply update their status and progress throughout the day in Badger Maps, and the data is synced seamlessly into HubSpot for all other collaborators to see. This helps reps get familiar with their CRM system and be better equipped with all the context they need for every call and every drop-in.

Badger Maps and HubSpot keep your outside sales team moving — on the right route, to the right customers

By ensuring your reps have the best tools available to plan their day, and by empowering them to access all customer and prospect info easily while on the go, sales teams can start smashing their targets and bringing in more revenue for the company. 

And by planning the best route for every day with Badger Maps, reps can fit more calls and visits into one day, increasing their productivity and giving them time back to unwind and work on that work-life balance. It’s a win-win.

Learn more about how Badger Maps and HubSpot work together to help your reps close more deals and cover more ground — as efficiently as possible.

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