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NCR Aloha is the market leader in Point-of-Sales systems. They sell ordering, payment, and tracking solutions for business flow. The systems are the most advanced solutions on the market. Aloha’s sales process, however, hadn’t changed in years.

Aloha reps were old-school. They took notes by hand, cold called from directories, and kept meetings by memory. Aloha had no system to hold reps accountable for results, productivity, or organization. As Aloha grew, competition became more common. New technology had lowered the barrier to entry in the marketplace. Aloha still had the highest quality Point-of-Sales systems, but they were competing with an increasing amount of younger and leaner companies.

Aloha reps have 30-40 meetings per day but a quarter were with customers who weren’t interested. They couldn’t afford any missteps in the field.

Aloha needed a new strategy. John O’Kain stepped up with a solution.


“Before Badger, 25% of the customers that we set meetings with were the wrong customers.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

John was a Technical Project Manager, he helped Aloha’s customers install and operate their systems. He had just taken up the responsibility of being a Territory Manager for Aloha. His tech experience gave him an idea of the ways Aloha’s sales process was falling behind. John needed to find a solution.

Luckily, Aloha isn’t the type of corporation to shy away from innovation. John made a case to the rest of the company. He would be responsible for reorganizing Aloha’s sales process.

John was looking for a solution that could improve three key elements of Aloha’s sales process. The solution had to bring organization, accountability, and strategy to sales team operations. In his search for the best solution, he found Badger Maps.

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Using Badger in the Field

John started testing Badger on his own. He knew the results he wanted to achieve, which helped him get the most out of the app immediately. After a week of testing he decided to put the Aloha field team on a business trial.

Aloha’s sales team started using Badger as soon as John made the recommendation. They were tired of having to update their CRM when they got back into the office. They wanted a reliable way to keep track of their customers and results. Badger gave them a platform to make the changes they had been waiting for.

The sales team started applying Badger towards three key goals.

Creating Positive Accountability

Accountability was important to reps and managers. Reps wanted their wins to be visible and managers wanted a system that would motivate results in the field.

Badger became Aloha’s primary tool for accountability. Reps would check-in to each meeting through the app. They would record new sales data in Badger and it would sync directly to their Salesforce CRM.

Badger visualized Aloha’s sales goals. Customers were shown by status; as leads became customers their color changed on the map. Each rep had a picture of how well they were managing their territory. The reports they made in Badger were instant reminders of what was working and what wasn’t.

Aloha’s custom check-ins gave management a clear view of their customers and sales team. Aloha’s check-in report addresses every variable of each meeting; including business type, point of contact, and follow up date. With over 40 possible fields in every report, Aloha covers every potential aspect of each business meeting. This gives them access to incredibly powerful insight that didn’t exist before.

Management could now schedule meetings and routes for the team based on accurate field data, like customer type and sales revenue. Every appointment made syncs with the rep’s calendar and device, automatically creating a daily schedule.


“We’re using custom check-ins and we can filter all the activity in the field by types of calls. This gives us a ton of insight into what is going on in the field, and a lot of the issues that were going on in the field have gone away now that we have the ability to measure what they’re doing”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Using Strategy to Sell

How customers are targeted has a massive impact on performance. Before the sales team started using Badger 25% of their meetings were a waste. This is a common symptom for companies that don’t visually track their leads. It’s difficult to keep track of your opportunities when they’re not in front of you.

Badger’s visualization targeting enabled the sales team to meet the right customers at the right time. They had a way to distinguish which leads were cold and which were warm. They could connect leads to the lists they came from and move them through the pipeline visually. This helped connect the activities of the sales team to the broader goals of management.


“The data we get from Badger is phenomenal! Being able to dial in on qualified customers saves a ton of time.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Improving Productivity

The organization Badger gave the sales team helped productivity soar. Aloha’s sales team was able to focus on their sales goals in a revolutionary way. John knew these would be big changes, so he made sure that Badger was an application with an easy-to-use interface and a dedicated support team.

John’s attention to how comfortable the sales team would be paid off. Each rep adopted Badger easily. They enjoyed having all of their customers in an app on their phone. They would manage everything from their device, without having to update their CRM when they got back.

This made data easier to capture and use. They collected more information from customers and used it in the field to keep track of each opportunity. Badger gave them the data they needed to follow up with their most valuable leads. Focusing on the right customers makes all the difference in the world.

Aloha’s sales team could now generate leads anytime a meeting fell through. A quick search in Badger’s Places feature populates leads anywhere on the map. This is the best way to recover productivity from a cancelled meeting. Badger enables reps to meet and make introductions to qualified leads anywhere, creating a consistent stream of opportunities.

Aloha’s commitment to an upgraded sales process paid off.


“With Badger we know what doors to knock on and what doors not to knock on. Badger helps us focus on the right customers, that makes us much more efficient.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha


Aloha’s introduction to Badger Maps resulted in a decision to use the app consistently. Six months later they had impressive results to share.

Monthly sales increased 20%


“One out of every five sales is a direct result of the information Badger gives our team.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Aloha’s new sales process created new habits. Badger was helping reps keep track of each deal. Reps could access the specifics of a meeting they had a month ago, making each deal much more likely to close.

Aloha’s sales team experienced that first hand. Finding and closing deals became second nature. They were following up with the right customers at the right time thanks to Badger. Sales grew 20% as a direct result of Badger enabling follow-up appointments.

Weekly planning decreased 50%


“Badger cut down our planning time by half – I was spending about 3 hours a week before Badger, and now I’m down to an hour and a half”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, Aloha NCR

Each rep was spending an average of three hours every week planning their routes and meetings. Aloha’s customers weren’t visually organized. This meant reps had to dig through the CRM, many avoiding it altogether and relying on pen and paper.

Badger made planning a breeze. The sales team could now see every customer on a map, and visualize them by specific attributes. Having a simple way to see and schedule appointments cut weekly planning in half for Aloha.

Daily drive time decreased 25%


“Knowing our most valuable accounts, and the best way to get to them, saves us a ton of time driving. Badger’s route optimization cuts our drive time by 25%”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Driving takes up a large percentage of time for Aloha sales reps. They cover large territories and have thirty to forty meetings per day. The drive to each appointment had hidden costs – lost time, gas, and money.

Badger optimizes every route, showing the fastest way to each customer. After doing the math, Aloha realized Badger was saving each rep 8 hours a week. Less driving time means more appointments and more money.

John was honest about the results he wanted for his sales team, and he found Badger to be the best solution available. The results have paid dividends and created significant growth for Aloha. Today, John is proud of the results he continues to drive for his company.

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