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For any field sales rep, route planning for multiple stops is a crucial part of the job.

In the days of maps and atlases, it took a lot of time to plan your day. To find the best sales route, you had to study a map for hours, and even after that, you could still run into a closed street or have to stop along the way to ask for directions.

But even today, in the age of Google Maps, route planning still takes up too much of a salesperson’s time. Google Maps’ route planner falls short as a sales trip planner because it tells you how to get from point A to point B, but it doesn’t optimize your route when you have more than one stop, nor does it help you with any other aspect of the sales process.

Fortunately, field salespeople don’t need to worry about those problems anymore. With a sales route planner such as Badger Maps, they can not only plan optimized routes to all their daily appointments - they can do much more.

Sales Route Planner

Badger Maps helps you plan your daily sales routes in minutes, avoid possible roadblocks, and spend more time closing deals

Badger Maps is a field sales route planner that is designed specifically for salespeople to increase their productivity. The app is user-friendly, highly customizable, and 100% mobile, making it the best sales route planner app on the market.

Why Is Badger Maps The Best Sales Rep Route Planner?

Badger Maps is a sales mobile app that streamlines your entire sales process and allows you to spend less time driving, less time on boring administrative tasks, and more time doing what actually matters - selling! On average, sales teams who use Badger Maps sell 22% more and drive 20% less.

So, how does Badger Maps yield such amazing results? How is it different from a regular route-planner such as Google Maps? Through its great sales-specific features, that help you stay organized, on-time, and ready to close!

Route Optimization allows you to cut down your daily planning from hours to just minutes. By having the fastest route to all your meetings, you’ll save money on gas and connect with many more customers.

By colorizing your pins on the map, you can see at a glance where you will make the most impact, and plan your day accordingly.

If you find yourself with some downtime, you can take advantage of the lead generation feature and add new appointments or find new prospects on-the-go.

Plus, logging your meeting information is no longer a tedious process since Badger Maps syncs all your meeting info with your CRM right from the field. 

The cherry on top? At the end of the week, you’ll receive an automatically generated custom report of your activity so you can easily analyze your sales performance. 

Read on to discover the amazing features that make Badger Maps much more than just a sales trip planner:

Create Shorter, Faster Sales Routes

Badger Maps lets you select the accounts you want to visit and automatically generates the fastest, most efficient sales route

Saving time on sales route mapping and driving will give you more time to nurture new leads, meet prospects, and most importantly, close more deals. In fact, reps who use Badger Maps save an average of 8 hours per week on planning, and meet with 2 additional clients or prospects each day.

Once you’ve created a route with up to 120 stops, you can go into Route Mode, where you’ll get turn-by-turn directions powered by Google Maps or Waze, guaranteeing you will never be late to an appointment. If at any moment while on the road you need to add an extra appointment or make a quick stop for food or gas, you’re all covered. You can easily add or delete stops and Badger Maps will automatically re-optimize your route.

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Seamless CRM Integrations

As Badger Maps integrates with leading CRM’s such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, HubSpot, Insightly, NetSuite and many more, salespeople have the opportunity to mobilize their CRM, allowing them to access and update important customer information directly from the field.

The data you have in your CRM is vital to you as a salesperson. Here you will find all of your important customer information, so by integrating with Badger Maps you can have all of those important details at hand, helping you to increase efficiency in a variety of different ways.

Sales teams using Badger maps have reported an increase in CRM usage by 50%.

“CRM usage increased more than 50% once our sales team adopted Badger”

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager, Danaher

Easily Visualize Your Accounts

Badger Maps Visualization options make territory management simple.

The colorize and filtering tools allow you to effortlessly plan your days. With a quick look at the map, you can visualize your top accounts, mass update information, see who’s generating revenue, and much more. 

Plus, filters are fully customizable, letting you visualize accounts based on priority, type, next step, or any other field you find useful.

Want to take action after viewing your accounts on the map? Just use the Lasso tool to select the accounts you want to visit, and voilà—you have an optimized route!

Free sales route planner app

Check In After Every Meeting

With the Check-in feature, you can log customer interactions as soon as they take place, making it easy to keep track of valuable information.

When creating a Check-in, you can select the type of customer interaction you had (i.e., meeting, phone call, email), write down your notes, and automatically sync the notes to your CRM, saving you time on tedious administrative tasks.

Since Badger Maps is available across all devices, you can access this information while in the field. Imagine how many more deals you can close with the right information on hand!

Every Friday, you’ll receive an automatically generated report of all your field activity for the week, making it easy to see where to focus your time and plan your next steps.

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Find New Leads Around You

Ever had a meeting get canceled at the last minute? With Badger Maps Lead Generation tool that’s not a problem.

It allows you to search for prospects by business category and view their location and contact information.

So whether an appointment got canceled or you just have some spare time, you’ll find opportunities around every corner.

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Never Miss A Follow-Up

Studies have shown that 80% of deals need five or more follow-ups to close. With Badger Maps, you can make sure you never miss a single one.

The Follow-ups feature lets you add a date for your next follow-up appointment, and set an appointment reminder.

With Follow-ups to keep you on track, you will never miss an opportunity simply because you forgot to contact a prospect.

Field sales route planner

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Get Your Sales Team Aligned

As a member of a sales team, it can be hard to stay up to date with what other reps are doing. The Badger Maps team-view makes collaboration easy. You can view the status of team member accounts, view territories, and access your team’s activity.

Managers get ‘Manager View’, which allows them to access team member Check-ins, territories, routes, and activity reports.

This information allows sales managers to understand what’s happening in the field, empowering them to make more strategic decisions that will help their reps.

Managers are also able to rebalance their reps’ territories and access or edit their routes at any time. 

With a sales management tool like Badger Maps, everyone on the team will be on the same page, regardless of where they are at in the field.

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Try Out the Best Sales Route Planner

Badger Maps is the #1 field sales app since it does much more than just planning routes. It helps field salespeople with every single aspect of their jobs, all the way from prospecting to closing. 

On average, sales teams using Badger Maps sell 22% more and drive 20% less. The best way to see the value of Badger Maps is by trying it out yourself. Start a free trial today!

Drive 20% Less. Sell 20% More.

Other Route Planners

When it comes to sales route planners, there’s no better option than Badger Maps

However, if you’re starting out in field sales and need to build simple routes or you don’t need your phone for navigation, there are some other good options you can try:

Google Maps

sales route planner dynamics 365

Price: Free

Main Features: Routing, Turn-by-Turn Directions, Live Traffic Conditions

Top Benefit: Easy to use

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5

Although it was not designed specifically for sales, Google Maps is a go-to option for simple sales routing. Google Maps is the leading route-planner on the market, and for good reason. It’s an easy-to-use and free route planner that’s available right on your smartphone. With just a few taps, you can create a route for travel by foot, car, bicycle, or public transport.

You can add up to 9 stops to your route, search for gas or food at any moment, and receive turn-by-turn directions with real-time traffic updates to remain on the quickest route to your destination.

As Google Maps is one of the leaders in the space, it is constantly evolving and revolutionizing how route planners work. With the help of AI, they have recently launched Immersive View, a feature that allows users to get a 3D view of a location, adding information such as the current weather and live traffic updates to give you a good idea of what’s happening there.

Google Maps Immersive View

As a sales route planner, Google Maps falls a bit short since it does not optimize routes with multiple stops, which for busy salespeople is a must. A typical salesperson can meet up to twenty customers a day, meaning the Google Maps route planner just isn’t going to cut it.  

Nor does it include features that help with other parts of the sales process, like customer data logging or lead generation. 

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Batch Geo Badger Maps

Price: $99/month

Main Features: Sales Data Visualization, Embed Maps within Websites 

Top Benefit: Data Analysis

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5

Despite not having a route optimization feature, BatchGeo is still a good option as a sales route planner for a number of reasons.

It’s biggest strength is its ability to map valuable sales information such as customers, leads, and assets. After creating a map, you can visualize it in a number of different ways to analyze your data more accurately and make informed decisions.

While BatchGeo doesn’t provide turn-by-turn directions, it will work with an existing GPS on your smartphone to track your location. Maps can be emailed to anyone, meaning managers can dispatch routes from the office, and reps in the field can share routes between themselves. Users can also create multiple maps and store them on their device for future use.

With BatchGeo, you can actually import your customers’ addresses and plot and route to your destinations, but it won’t be optimized. You’ll need to do it manually.

As a multi-stop route planner, Batch-Geo can be used by salespeople, but it lacks key features such as route optimization, turn-by-turn directions, local traffic analysis, and all around flexibility that most sales professionals require.

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Mapline Route Optimization

Price: $0/month Starter, $30/month Plus, $60/month Pro, $90/month Enterprise

Main Features: Route Optimization, Data Visualization, Territory Management 

Top Benefit: Data Mapping and Visualization

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5

With Mapline, you can simply copy and paste your spreadsheet data into their web-based software and create a map with all your customer data.

Mapline makes it easy to analyze trends using segmentation and filtering, so you can rearrange your sales territories and make strategic decisions based on your data.

Mapline also allows you to create optimized routes, so after analyzing and segmenting your data, you’re ready to hit the ground running. They have also recently made some important updates that allow users to customize their stop points to ensure they are meeting their most important customers first.  

The only drawback? Mapline only works on your computer since they don’t offer a mobile app for now. 

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sales mobile app

Price: Free

Main Features: Turn-by-Turn Directions, Traffic Notifications, Mobile Speed Checks, Carpool

Top Benefit: Traffic, Hazard, and Police Detection

Play Store Review: 4.4/5

Although quite similar to Google Maps, Waze has a lot of features that make it an option worth considering for salespeople trying to plan simple routes. 

The best thing about Waze is that it uses real-time user data to show real-time road conditions and information about potential hazards and police locations.  

With Waze, you can also plan trips in advance and decide on the best departure time based on traffic, which might prove useful for some salespeople.  

Waze only allows you to add two stops, meaning if you want to create a route with a large number of stops, Waze’s trip planner is not going to be the solution for you. This can be too time-consuming for salespeople as they look to minimize their time on the road.

Waze is a fun alternative to most of its competitors, with cool and engaging themes and even options to get voice directions by your favorite celebrities! 

They are also currently beta-testing a new feature that informs users of roads that have a history of crashes, a feature that will be sure to delight users looking for the safest route to their destinations.

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What is route planning in sales?
Route planning is a common activity in field sales. It involves creating routes to all the sales meetings scheduled for a certain day. To plan a route effectively, you need to optimize it to get to multiple stops in the shortest time, which can be done easily with a specialized route planner for sales reps.
How do you plan a sales route?
You can plan a sales route manually by calculating the distance between different points and deciding the order in which to visit them. However, this process is much easier when you use a sales route planner app like Badger Maps.
What is the best route planner app for sales reps?
The best sales route planner in the market is Badger Maps. Badger goes beyond planning optimized routes with 100+ stops, it also streamlines every single aspect of a field salesperson’s job.
What is the difference between route planning and route optimization?
Route planning is the process of creating a plan for visiting a specific set of different locations, while route optimization identifies the most cost-efficient way to do so.
Does Salesforce have a route planner?
Yes, Salesforce has its own route planner that goes by the name of Salesforce Maps. However, it must be used with the Salesforce CRM. It has many different use cases and may not be the best routing app for field sales. Check out this analysis to see how Salesforce Maps compares with Badger Maps. You can also integrate your Salesforce CRM with Badger Maps, transforming your current CRM into a mobile CRM solution to keep all of your data in sync on-the-go.

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Badger Maps, the Highest Ranked App in Business to Business (B2B) Mapping Apps Category

Number of Reviews vs Average Rating

Image credit to MatrixPlace, a sales consulting firm that wrote an Analyst Report on Sales Mapping Software

Badger Maps is the Leading High-Performer in Field Sales and the Only App Focused on B2B Sales in the G2 Grid "Leaders" section

Other Apps that are "Leaders" focus on Business to Consumer (B2C), Door to Door (D2D) or Retail Execution which is used to track order and inventory management, shelf space, end caps, and promotions.


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