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Sales Improv: How to Get Past the Sales Script - Outside Sales Talk with Gina Trimarco

Gina Trimarco is the Founder of Pivot10 Results, a strategy and training company dedicated to help businesses shift from people problems to performance results. She is also the founder of the Carolina Improv Company, an improv comedy center for business training. Gina has developed a strong reputation as an expert sales & improv coach and is an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. In this episode, Gina explains how to truly engage with your prospects utilizing improv.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to practice spontaneous selling and engage with your buyers
  • The secret to deliver a successful pitch and connect better with customers
  • Going off script to effectively build rapport
  • Mastering silent moments to make the deal move forward
  • How to use improv to overcome sales objections

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About the Guest: Gina has a track-record of shifting businesses from low performance to outstanding revenue results. She has succeeded not only in Sales, but also in Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations. Besides managing the #1 Nightlife Attraction in Myrtle Beach - the Carolina Improv Company - Gina also hosts 2 successful podcasts: the Pivotal Leader Podcast & the Women Your Mother Warned You About Podcast.




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