Highly Effective Sales Prospecting - Outside Sales Talk with Tony Morris

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Highly Effective Sales Prospecting - Outside Sales Talk with Tony Morris

Tony Morris is a sales expert, author, trainer, and motivational keynote speaker who has helped over 29,000 sales professionals across 62 industries for the last 22 years. Tony has created a 3-step framework called A.S.K. Philosophy Principles to help salespeople attract the right prospects, convert them into customers, and keep those customers for life.

In this episode, Tony discusses the strategies as well as key traits any salesperson should have to effectively prospect.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Building an effective prospecting mindset
  • Providing value for both prospects and clients
  • Asking for feedback from successful and unsuccessful prospects
  • Leveraging what you know about your prospect

About the Guest:

Through his vast experiences, Tony has discovered the most common mistakes salespeople make as well as the key traits that the top 1% of sales professionals utilizes to sell more - more easily and more often. Tony helps people convert prospects into “raving fans” by focusing on their needs. Send him an email with the subject line ‘book’ to get a free copy of his e-book!

Website: tonymorrisinternational.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonymorrismd/?originalSubdomain=uk

Email: tony@tonymorrisinternational.com

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