How to Create Rewarding Sales Goals in 2021 - Outside Sales Talk with Jon Dwoskin

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How to Create Rewarding Sales Goals in 2021 - Outside Sales Talk with Jon Dwoskin

Jon Dwoskin is an author, public speaker, and sales coach who has mentored thousands of salespeople to step away from their comfort zones and become better leaders. He is the host of the Think Business podcast, which interviews thought leaders who think big, as well as the 7 Minutes Sales podcast, a bit-sized guide to jumping your sales career.

In this episode, Jon discusses how mentorship can be an effective tool to master your craft, grow your business, and stay relevant in the industry.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Why having a mentor is so important not only for your career, but also for your personal life
  • How to have a healthy pipeline through consistent prospecting
  • Tips for achieving goals by breaking them down into small, bite-sized segments
  • The importance of staying relevant in the cutthroat industry of sales

About the Guest:

Jon is a private coach for budding leaders in sales and business. As a master of reinvention, he has worked in marketing, real estate, operations, and more. He now specializes in shifting people’s mindsets and helping them grow their businesses through group coaching sessions and one-on-one private coaching. He believes that accountability, mindfulness, building consistent habits, and continuous prospecting are key to exploding your pipeline and closing more sales.


Phone: 2485357796

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