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Don’t Panic! - Here’s How you Can Still Close Deals While Remote

Tom is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author of the book Evolved Selling™: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics. He is Mediafly’s Chief Evangelist, and he focuses on developing new practices for sellers and marketers to communicate and quantify business value to increasingly frugal buyers. In this episode, Tom covers how field salespeople can effectively navigate this crisis, with tips for sales managers on how to best adapt to the new work dynamic.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How field salespeople can provide meaningful value during this time
  • How to make the buyer's journey easier amidst tightening budgets
  • Tips for reps to meet quota and show accountability
  • Daily habits and routines for working remotely
  • Ways to maintain a winning mindset

About the Guest:

Over the past decade, Tom has engaged in the launching and maturing of several innovative technology companies. During his role as Managing VP of Gartner, he played a major role in making Gartner into the industry standard it is today. Today Tom is the Chief Evangelist at Mediafly and the Founder of the Evolved Selling Institute.

LinkedIn -

Website - - Evolved Selling Institute, has interactive tools, free books during the Coronavirus, & provides a great community during this time

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P.S.: Don’t miss Steve’s announcement about a new project we’re releasing next week. It’s going to be a way to celebrate the top sales leaders that have inspired all of us.

Stay tuned to know more!

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