Real Estate Routing Software

Real Estate Routing Software

Using a real estate routing software today is instrumental in creating more sales in your work. As a real estate agent, your job highly revolves around visiting prospective and actual customers. If you can’t get to them on time, your competitors can easily jump in, and you lose your chance of closing a business deal. Therefore, it is very crucial that you carefully plan your trips for the day and maximize your time. But the question is, how?

The answer to your problem is Badger Maps. More and more real estate agents are now discovering the joy of using this all-in-one app. It serves as a route optimization, CRM, and lead generation software.

After adding your customers’ details, Badger shows you their current locations. From there, Badger determines the best route to take. You can even see live traffic conditions and follow its accurate turn by turn directions.

"I can confidently say that we’re able to bring our sales reps into the next generation of mobility. In less than a year we have seen a positive impact on our sales productivity,”

Imran Rafique

It is crucial to know the locations of your customers on the map. It shows you geographic places that you can explore further to find new leads. What’s more, Badger can do a search for potential clients. Simply use the Places feature and in just a few seconds, you have a new list of prospective customers.

Badger can access your calendar and display your appointments on the map. You can avoid those “I forgot” moments because Badger already shows you where to go next based on your calendar of schedules.

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