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A real estate route planner helps you maximize your time, find new customers, and close more business deals. As a real estate agent, you are well aware of the importance meeting your clients on time. Most customers only want to work with the best, and if you can’t even be punctual, they will gladly look for other real estate agents. So what’s the solution to this problem?

Badger Maps is an all-in-one solution for field salespeople like you. It acts as a CRM, lead generation, and real estate route planner. On average, Badger users increase their sales up to 20% and decrease their driving time by 25%.

“Badger handles 90% of the logistics for new sales reps, they sell more efficiently much faster.”

Kellie Glenister

Director of Sales Operations, L’Oréal

Badger allows you to see your customers on the map. With this visual data, you can have an idea who are near and far from you. Badger also determines the best route to take and get to your customers the quickest and most convenient way possible. All these can help you save time, money, and energy.

Managing your clients on Badger is super easy. There are different built-in features that you can use. For example, the Lasso Tool allows you to draw shapes around multiple accounts on the map. After this, you can either determine optimized routes between them or mass-update their details. There are customizable filters that can widen or narrow down your searches. You can also use these filters to hide or highlight accounts on the map for easy visualization.

Get an edge over your competitors with Badger Maps. Start your free, no-obligation trial today to learn more.

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