The Must Have Mapping Tool for Real Estate Agents

Drive 20% less with Badger Maps

View all listings on a map

Directly import addresses from your excel sheet into Badger. Visualize your listings, schedule visits, and optimize routes to minimize travel distance and maximize the number of appointments.

Find demographic information

Easily see information that would interest your buyers.- Which schools are nearby? Where are the major roads/freeways?? Are there parks, grocery stores and other amenities nearby?

"I can get my sales meeting for the agency figured out and I can push it to everyone’s calendar."

Dylan Schauben

Vice President

Create/ store notes instantly

Link documents and keep notes about additional data such as crime statistics, school performance scores, upcoming events, sites that need marketing signs to be put up etc.


Reduce on-boarding  time for new reps

Ensure new reps achieve maximum efficiency right off the bat by directly assigning them listings and optimized routes.  No more zig-zagging around town due to unfamiliarity!

Portfolio Optimization

Search and view listings based on customizable attributes such as house type, number of rooms, price range, neighborhood, proximity to a school etc.

Planning your daily routes doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Use Badger maps, the best mapping software for commercial real estate to instantly double your productivity.

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Learn how you can maximize your sales routes & sell more with Badger Maps

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