Route Mapping can be a big pain for sales reps. To make the perfect route it takes a lot of research, time and flipping between a customer database, calendar and a map. Time is precious, and the time spent route mapping can be time used to make a sale. Badger Maps is a sales route software that puts a sales reps customer database, Calendar, and Maps all in one application.This software has many features that can help a sales rep cut the time spent making routes in the office and increase the time making sales.

Here is a list of 3 different features that Badger offers that can help a sales rep spend less time planning and more time selling:

  • Colorization of Customers:

This awesome feature allows sales reps to see their leads in color.This allows a rep to analyze their customers and figure out which customers to focus more on. This allows sales reps to have a better relationship with their customers and maximize revenue.

  • Automatic Optimization      

Scheduling a sales route can be a big hassle; in order to make a route you have to go through a calendar, customer data, and a map to set up your route. With Badger a sales rep doesn’t have to worry. With automated territory management sales reps can skip the hassle because it is automatically done.

  • Lead Generator  

Hunting down new leads can hard. Often in order to find them Sales reps have to sit down in the office and conduct research. Well, Badgers lead generator gives sales reps easy access to new leads on the go! Sales reps can hunt new leads down by location and know where they are while the sales rep is in the field. Also, Sales reps can integrate their new lead into the into the Badger customer database so they will have that lead on file instantly!

With these three features Badger gives sales reps more time on out of the office and more sales done in a day. Get ahead of your competition and download Badger today!

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Image credit to MatrixPlace, a sales consulting firm that wrote an Analyst Report on Sales Mapping Software

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