How to Advance Your Medical Device Sales Career

If you’ve read our previous blogs on “How to Break into Medical Device Sales” and “The 3 Fundamentals of Pitching to Doctors”, you should have a developed sense of expertise in the medical sales industry. If you haven’t read them these topics yet, finding and landing on this blog means that you’ve already got expertise in the medical sales industry.

Now, let’s use your knowledge to push your career to new heights. Medical device sales is a stressful and challenging field. In order to progress within the industry, you’ll need to roll with the punches, keep moving forward, and avoid burnout.

Keep These Factors In Mind When Planning For A Long Term Career:


You will need to travel to get the most out of your career. Medical device clients are located all over the world and you’ll need to meet them face-to-face. There are only so many surgeons you can find in one city, so be ready to branch out.

According to MedReps’ 2017 Medical Sales Salary Report, medical sales reps who spend half of their time traveling make 30% more money than reps who don’t travel overnight. It makes sense why 74% of survey respondents prioritize traveling in their jobs. This proves that those who travel more tend to generate more revenue.

Although statistically you have the potential to make more money, all of that time travelling has drawbacks.

Time away from family, fatigue, jet-lag, as well as the time sacrifice you need to spend traveling are all factors you need to consider that can weigh you down as a sales rep.

If you’re someone who can’t stand being in the same place for too long, or strive to branch out to new places for new business opportunities then you’ll do just fine. Just think about your priorities before you commit to any amount of traveling.   

Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial when it comes to sales success. Keeping happiness at the top of your priorities will prevent you from hating your job and eventually burning out.

Stress Management

The key to dealing with stressful work environments is staying motivated and happy. Find ways that personally help you to manage stress and you’ll avoid burning out. You can never go wrong with exercising and you might find that meditation helps keep the mind and body at ease.

Don’t be afraid to use mobile apps to get started if you’re unfamiliar with exercise techniques. Headspace is a meditation app for beginners. It acts a guide through short meditation sessions about sleep and stress. Be sure to enable the “Do Not Disturb” function on your phone before starting a session. This will ensure you’re getting the most out of the activity and leave you feeling calm and refreshed.  

Keelo is an iOS application that gives you access to quick and effective exercises. The HIIT and strength training workout routines will get you into an active and healthy routine. Unlike meditation, these exercises are designed to raise your heart rate, which helps release anxiety and get your mind off difficult sales deals.   

There are countless self-care techniques that can help you in your medical device sales career. Yoga, music therapy, or taking a vacation can help you get away from your demanding schedule.

A happy and healthy sales rep with always perform at a higher level than those on the opposite end of the spectrum. This will leave you with more opportunities.  


Medical device sales reps work alone more often than not. All the traveling and scheduling does not give you many opportunities to interact with other reps in the industry. It is up to you to network with reps, managers, and recruiters so you can stay in the loop with industry insiders.  

Always continue to network whether or not you’re comfortable in your current position. You never know when you’ll want to look for new opportunities, and having a vast network of connections can only work to your advantage.

Don’t limit yourself to solely face to face networking interactions. Utilize social media, forums, and medical device conferences to meet other professionals in the industry.  Online, LinkedIn groups and industry specific forums like MedZilla are huge opportunities for medical device sales reps. Although a bit less specific, apps like r/sales have great networking opportunities. Show your face offline and in person at events like MD&M West and the HIMSS Conference to expand your network.

Resources for Medical Device Sales Reps

The healthcare industry is always changing. It is crucial for medical device sales reps to always stay up to date. Stay in the loop with new technology and legislation by keeping an eye on industry news online.

Here are some free resources that keep you updated:

Top Medical Device Sales Websites

  • MedReps

MedReps is an all-around phenomenal resource for industry news, professional advice, and medical sales job postings. With so many different avenues of content, you better believe it’s worth checking out. They publish reports on medical sales salaries and job satisfaction every  year. Their blog has resources for everyone from aspiring medical sales reps to experienced recruiters.   

  • MedCity News

MedCity News primarily focuses on the business of healthcare innovations. Their published articles cover anything from patient engagement, healthcare convergence, and investing & startups. Essentially, when Google announces that it’s striving to improve medical imaging technologies, you’ll hear it from MedCity.  

  • Medgadget

Looking for medical technology and discovery news? Medgadget is your go-to. This is where doctors and engineers are able to write and publish content. Their scientific-based insight is a major resource for physician based clientele. If you want to learn about the latest medical devices hitting the field, they have you covered.

  • FierceMedTech

FierceMedTech is all about the latest news on EMEA and FDA regulations and case studies. Its publisher, FierceMarkets, is also behind FiercePharma and FierceBiotech. If you’re interested in getting a multidisciplinary look at the medical sales industry, FierceMed is the way to go.  

You’ve established your career path within the Medical Device sales industry. Now it’s time to strategically advance your footing day by day. Like most roles within any industry, your success resides on the goals you wish to achieve and capacity at which you want to achieve them. Keep these tips in mind as you go about your way in the industry.  

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