Badger Maps Provides Free Mapping Software to Support Communities Impacted by California Wildfires

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Badger Maps, a mapping and route optimization app, has provided its software for free to all first responders, insurance, repair workers, and relief organizations who are on the ground during the wildfire disaster in California. The app will help them be more efficient and address various cases in a structured way.  

Insurance companies, volunteer organizations, and recovery workers, among many others, are doing their best to provide relief and help the communities and surrounding regions affected by the Camp, Hill, and Woolsey Fires rebuild from this tragedy. At this time, insurance adjusters need to visit thousands of homes in the area that have suffered from destruction, repair and recovery workers have to go to houses and business to fix the damage, and relief organizations are trying to visit as many victims as possible to provide them with help.

Badger Maps is supporting the people who work hard to alleviate the damages and wants to make their lives a bit easier during those hard times. An example of how the Badger app would help is by allowing first responders to map out the area with all the locations that need help and they need to visit. The app also makes it possible for them to make notes about the needs of a certain location or what the next step is. Badger lets them create and optimize routes between various locations so they can get to where they are needed as fast as possible.

Badger is offering the app for free until the end of the year to anyone who might need it during times of damage control and recovery in the affected regions.

To claim your free subscription, just email or call +1 (415) 592- 5909 and mention that you are part of the wildfire relief in California. The team will get you set up so you can get your job done more efficiently and help more people affected by the hurricane.


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