How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn

Generate Leads with LinkedInMost people think that LinkedIn is for finding jobs and sending resumes. But, the future of sales lies in social media channels. Your most qualified leads are waiting for you to reach them. There are more than 450 million members of LinkedIn. That might seem like an overwhelming number of potential leads, but there are tools to help you out. So, how can you filter through profiles to find new customers?

LinkedIn is a powerful channel overflowing with referrals and connections. Building a presence on LinkedIn brings more eyes to your product. It’s tough to limit your portfolio, product, and personality to a page, but with these simple steps you’ll draw in traffic and leads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Optimize your Profile

Your first step is making your profile shine. If you want to attract the right customers, your profile should be professional, credible, and readable. How can your profile rank higher than others? Follow these steps to create an “All-Star” profile.

  • Perfecting your Profile Picture: A professional portrait fairs better than a selfie. Establish credibility right off the bat. 
  • Refine your Headline: Along with your picture, your headline is your first impression. Set yourself apart. Always include your title and some industry keywords in your headline to attract the most relevant users.
  • Create a Custom URL: Don’t be hard to find. Your URL should be customized so you can share it with ease, especially if you plan on putting your profile link on your business card. No one wants to type a string of characters after a forward slash. They want to recognize your name in the address bar.
  • Optimize your Biography: Most people are scanners. They won’t spend more than a minute looking for interesting information. The same goes for your profile viewers. Use bullet points and concise language that reflects your personality and product.
  • Bonus Points: Pictures and videos captivate your audience. Create a video or presentation of your pitch and upload it to your profile. Visitors can get to know you by watching a short clip instead of reading paragraphs of information.

Reel in New Leads

LinkedIn is more effective than other social media channels for redirecting to your company’s site. LinkedIn users are eager to read unique content and make new connections. They want to read your articles. They care if your product works for them. So, how do you get people to start viewing your profile?

Write Articles

Write articles to find leads on LinkedIn

The internet holds heaps of content. LinkedIn narrows it down to the professional level. Its users are looking for interesting posts, helpful hints, and industry tips. This is where you come in.

Your articles should be scannable, helpful, and relevant to your industry. Your reader wants to build a relationship with someone that can provide them a solution. Post consistently: at least once per week. Encourage readers to share your article so you can create a significant presence on LinkedIn.

Join Groups

Narrow your search for leads by joining groups. This is not the place to pitch your product, but to create connections. Almost all users in sales groups are selling something. If you post consistently in the group, the likelihood of grabbing a lead’s attention will increase. Your leads will check your profile, see your product, and reach out if they think your solution works.

Build Your Network

Add your existing clients on LinkedIn. When they create content, share it. A share from a connection could be the bridge to a new lead.

The best ways to interact with your connections are:

  • Like, share, and comment on their posts
  • Spend 10 minutes to write an honest recommendation
  • Endorse connections for skills they have
  • Personally congratulate them on new jobs

Remember that connections on LinkedIn should focus on quality, not quantity. Your best connections will be in your industry, are willing and able to buy, and have a similar sized network. Don’t add strangers without an introduction.

Find Warmer Leads

You have connections. You have a product. It’s time to reach out.

Your existing clients can help you build your network. This can all be done with the LinkedIn Advanced Search tool.

If you blindly add connections on LinkedIn, you’ll get ignored. Find new leads by being introduced by a mutual connection.

Searching for Leads

Click the search bar, then click the magnifying glass to redirect you to the advanced search page.

LinkedIn Search Bar

When you search, change up your preferences based on industry, keywords, and location. The next step is to check “1st and 2nd Connections.” This will filter people by who they know. Second degree connections are new leads that you can get introduced to.advanced-search-1.png

Who do they know? Reach out to your common connection to see if they’re a good fit.

For example, John Smith is a 2nd degree connection who knows Jane Doe, a 1st degree connection. Contact Jane and customize this script to get an introduction to your potential lead.

“Hi Jane,

How have you been?

We met at the business expo last summer. I enjoyed our chat about the effect mobile technology has on sales numbers.

I saw that you were connected to John Smith and I am hoping you could introduce us. As you know, my company focuses on field sales reps that could benefit from a route optimization app.

I don’t know him personally, but John Smith looks like a great fit for our product. Please let me know if you can introduce us at a good time for you  by the end of the week. I really appreciate it.”

Remind your connection how you know each other and explain why you are looking for an introduction. Always be sure to give them a deadline, but make it clear they have a choice. After all, if Jane doesn’t know John well enough, she won’t be able to give you a great introduction.

Persistence is vital to generating leads. LinkedIn is a channel for lasting connections and endless referrals. Log on, update your profile, post and share content, and start generating leads.

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