How to find new leads with the Badger Map?

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Ever had trouble finding new leads on the go because it meant spending hours going through databases such as or Hoover’s? Have you ever had a meeting cancel last minute and wanted to fill dead time without having to spend hours looking for new and nearby prospects? Now, you can just skip the fuss and let the Badger Map do the heavy lifting.

The Badger Map layers in prospects from public data sources so you can see where the prospects are that you don’t know about yet. Think of it as putting Yellow Pages on a map. With our “New Leads” feature, you can easily pinpoint prospects that are relevant for you, whether it’s cardiologists, waste water treatment plants, or tire distributors. Let’s say you are a medical sales rep and and cardiologists are your prospects. Simply type “cardiologists” in the search bar and the map will display the nearby cardiologists on the map. In this example, the briefcase icon represents the cardiologists’ locations on the map.

imageYou can click on each icon to display information such as contact number, open hours, and website, which can help you learn more about them and determine whether they are relevant for you.


Once you identify the right prospects, you can save a lead search by pressing the “Save Search” button under the search bar. You can also add new leads to your route in the same way as a customer and hit the “optimize” button to see your updated detailed schedule with travel directions, total travel time, meeting time, and distance. This is the easiest way to optimize your sales route.


You can also use the “New Leads” feature to find other locations such as coffee shop, public parking or restaurants, etc.


You can also check out this quick 45 sec video on how to use the “New Leads” feature to find new leads with the Badger Map.

Happy prospecting!

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