Top 5 Field Sales Practices Followed by High-Performing Teams

Sales is a highly competitive field. With so many targets to hit and deals to close, it is essential that you are always on top of your game.

An effective strategy, strong leadership, and transparent communication are all vital to ensure that your sales team can thrive and be successful.  

By following the best practices from high-performing sales teams, you will empower your team to success.

Top 5 Field Sales Practices

Assign Territories

Organization and efficiency are two of the most important elements to build a winning sales team. Your sales reps spend most of their time on the road. So, if you want them to work at their best, you will have to manage their territories efficiently

Top sales teams know the importance of clearly designated territories and efficiently designed route plans. Having a designated territory allows sales reps to focus on specific clients and build stronger relationships, which in turn can generate more sales for the organization.

Gathering data with the help of GPS tools such as a field management app enables sales team supervisors to map out the optimal travel routes. Using this data, managers can also analyze team performance and plan new strategies to achieve continued success. 

To organize your sales routes efficiently, try using Badger Maps. Managers have the option to access team member territories, routes, activity reports, and more.This information allows sales managers to understand what’s happening in the field and catch problems before they arise. 

Badger Maps allows sales reps to drive 20% less and sell 22% more.

Internal Communication and Team Collaboration

For any sales team, communication is the key to efficient teamwork. By building strong channels of communication, sales teams can work together on diverse ideas and share professional expertise among team members. 

This fosters an excellent environment for team collaboration which can lead to more innovation and increased success in the field. Luckily, there are now various ways to stay connected in the field. For outside sales reps, Badger Maps is the best team communication tool available.

As a team member, you can view the status of team member accounts, view territories, and access your team’s activity in-app. This way, you can easily stay up to date with what your fellow reps are doing. Meanwhile, managers can access team member territories, routes, and activity reports. Managers are also able to rebalance their reps’ territories and access or edit their routes at any time.

Promote Transparency

To develop effective strategies and close more deals, management must have a good idea of what is going on in the field. To maintain transparency throughout the process, there should be a two-way communication channel between sales reps and management. Employees will always benefit from receiving important instructions and feedback from their managers. At the same time, they can speak with management to voice their concerns or exchange ideas whenever needed.

Identify the Right KPIs for Performance Analysis

To know whether your sales strategy is working or not you will need to keep a keen eye on your sales reps’ performance. Identifying the right KPIs is another crucial practice followed by high-performing sales teams

However much they plan, sales reps will at times be forced into situations where they have to think on their feet. While they all share the common goal of closing deals, every individual will have their own way of doing things. 

Therefore, their performance must not be judged using the same KPIs. The more appropriate KPIs for measuring the sales reps’ performance should be based on the following:

  • Number of new opportunities opened
  • Sales volume by location
  • Contact rate per account
  • Number of account visits
  • Opportunity-to-win ratio
  • Number of physical meetings secured

Leverage Automation

The advent of modern technology has transformed the field of sales. It has opened an array of opportunities, as well as leveling the playing field for small businesses. 

To run a winning sales team, it is critical for your business to have a smart and reliable way to manage all your business processes smoothly. However, if you are still doing things manually, you are risking it all by leaving room for errors and mismanagement. 

The current market is overflowing with countless options in terms of service business software. They come with various features and functionalities and offer a wide range of deals. 

However, before you invest your hard-earned money in any software, make sure to research thoroughly. Identify your business needs and make sure they offer the right features to help your sales team in the field. 

You can be more productive, save time and energy by delegating certain parts of your work to the latest and best software on the market. One of the best automation tools for field sales people is Badger Maps. The app allows sales reps to automatically plan, route, and maximize their time in the field by cutting down planning and driving time. These time savings can be used to meet more prospects and close more deals.

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Field sales reps face unique challenges every day. They need all the support they can get to be successful. 

While an effective sales strategy is highly important, the importance of digital tools and technologies in today’s time can’t be overlooked.

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Joy Gomez is a self-taught, process-driven programmer. He is also the founder of FieldPromax.

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