CRM Mobility: The Key to Sales Flexibility

By Wyatt Houghton

Posted in CRM

CRM Mobility

In a world where the ability to adapt is essential for success, there can be no room for error even when you are on the road. As a salesperson you get used to being on the road and making slight changes on a daily basis. But these slight changes can either make or break you.

You can either lose a sale or gain a sale in this situation. When you have an appointment cancellation you have a couple of options. One option is to admit defeat and wait for your next appointment. Another option is to search for a customer in your area and attempt to reach out to him or her. And your final option is to hunt down a new lead and try to forge a new relationship with this prospect.

The key to the more lucrative options is flexibility. And what makes a sales rep more flexible is mobility. The only problem is that most reps plan their day either at home or in the office and they stick to their schedule as best as possible throughout their day. But there is a way to make changes on the move and on the road. With CRM mobility, sales reps can easily access their customer information all on top of google maps. And on top of this sales reps can also find new leads to make their day even more efficient.

This sales rep map app can help with route optimization between customers and prospects. Traffic is factored into the calculation of what time you will arrive at your destination. That way if you are running a little late or early you can contact your customer and schedule accordingly.

Essentially, this territory mapping software will take the busy work out of your day and allow you to do the work that gives you tangible results. CRM mobility in an ever changing world allows you to forge new customer relationships and uphold current customer relationships without taking a large chunk of time out of your day.


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