How to Make the Most of Your Sales Territory

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If you are an outside salesman, most likely you have your own sales territory. Every day you are making calls to the companies in your region, developing relationships with your customers and getting to know the area. This is a very streamlined way to organize sales people and get the most out of your day, instead of having to drive to distant places all the time. However, a significant downside is when you feel you have run out of leads in your area.

No matter if you are new to your territory or been there for ten years, new leads are always welcome. They are the core of any business and are what bring in the most money. Your CRM is stuffed full of companies you have already seen, but there are many more that you have not already found. Hidden Easter eggs are just sitting there, waiting to be called. You need a good way of reaching these new potential customers but don’t want to waste the gas necessary to drive around looking for them and can’t spend the time necessary to do online research for them.
Luckily, Badger Maps has already done this work for you. The Badger Map app has a function designed specifically to find new leads for whatever company you are working for. Just search for the type of business you sell to and new clients will pop up on your screen. With just a few clicks you can find new leads that could possibly be the one of your largest future customers. If you would like to make the most of your sales territory, Badger Maps is a must have app.


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