Productive Territory Planning takes Accuracy

Scale Account Intelligence and Visit 25% More Customers

Managing a sales territory isn't a part time job. You need to put all of your effort into finding and closing opportunities if you want to grow your pipeline.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of things trying to waste your time. Poor route planning, paperwork, prospecting, and planning your activity are time traps you can't afford when you need to sell. 

In fact, you lose 10 hours every week you don't have a territory management plan in place. 

How do you get those hours back?

With a territory planning process that enables better decision making. 

Decision overwhelm is a common side effect of an unorganized territory. When you don't prioritize the opportunities in your territory you're left with too many decisions and no time to make them. 

So while you're catching up on your email and planning your next visit, it's almost impossible to see how you'll penetrate the next account in your territory without letting your decision making (and commission) suffer.  

Managing a territory requires constant decision making :

  • Where to go
  • How to get there quickly
  • Who to see once you're there
  • What you need to do once you're there

You need to automate your territory planning so you can give your complete attention to finding and growing sales accounts.

Make Territory Planning Accurate with Badger Maps

Productive Territory Planning takes Accuracy

Badger Maps is a complete territory planning solution for Outside Sales reps. It plots all of your sales data on an interactive map so you can visualize your territory, find leads, optimize routes, and track the details you discuss in sales meetings.

Find Qualified Opportunities Anywhere

Productive Territory Planning takes Accuracy

Your territory is a goldmine if you know where to look. Badger shows you how to find the hidden cash in your territory by linking the different areas of your sales activity together for a smoother sales process. 

Visualize your Opportunities

Ignore the distractions and focus on the sales data that's valuable. Visualizing your territory with Badger highlights the next move you need to make to dominate your territory. Color and filter your accounts for an actionable map with clear goals.

Find Qualified Leads

An empty pipeline is the #1 reason salespeople fail. Prospecting is the cure, but it's a time consuming process to find and qualify leads efficiently. Badger gives you the ability to find leads anywhere, anytime - as soon as you need them. That means a cancelled appointment turns into a premium prospecting opportunity.

Optimize the ROI of your Sales Activity

Productive Territory Planning takes Accuracy
Productive Territory Planning takes Accuracy

“We save hundreds of hours on research each month by using Badger to generate leads and enrich data.”

Kellie Glenister

Director of Sales Operations, L’Oréal

Sometimes managing a sales territory feels like you need to be everywhere at once. Planning your account coverage with Badger gives you the freedom to develop relationships at scale and control your territory growth.  

Optimize your Routes

Poorly planned sales routes are the fastest way to ruin your territory's growth. Routing can cost you time in terms of mileage and missed opportunities (by spending your time with the wrong accounts). If you don't optimize your routes for both you're stalling territory growth and missing potential revenue. 

Organize your Schedule

Your schedule shapes your productivity. It's easy to be reactive when you schedule appointments and ignore other opportunities in your territory. Instead, organize your schedule with the rest of your accounts in mind. Badger helps you organize your schedule to fit your territory, optimizing your day around where you start and end at. 

Track Details that Close Deals

As your territory grows, so does the number of meetings you need to track. Your meeting notes are the first casualty of a packed schedule. How do you stay on top of your results and maintain the momentum of your deals? 

Keeping your meeting activity connected to the accounts you're managing is the only way to scale your territory evenly. Badger gives you one app to store all of your account details, including notes and meeting activity. 

Record your Notes

Remember the details that don't change with Badger's Notepad. Store an account's information in an easy to access note area that stays connected to your customer.

Check-in & Report your Progress

Create a Check-in for each account and track each meeting in a clean and concise report. The account's information, along with all of your meeting details, carry over automatically - so you never miss any important details. 

Conquer your Territory with a Free Trial of Badger Maps

“One out of every five sales is a direct result of the information Badger gives our team.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

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