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The Radical Path to Sales Enlightenment  - Outside Sales Talk with Scott Leese

Scott is a top start-up sales leader and the best-selling author of “Addicted to the Process”. He’s the founder and CEO of Scott Leese Consulting, a firm that has helped companies scaling from $0 - $25m ARR. He is also the founder of Surf and Sales, a company that provides an alternative to standard sales conferences by providing deeper learning and meaningful relationships while learning to surf in a paradise destination. In this episode, Scott shares his two decades of sales and leadership experience and reveals his process to achieve sales success.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to be more confident and take effective decisions
  • Top tips for better work-life balance
  • The best habits to build a mindset for success
  • How to use the addiction model to close deals like a pro

About the Guest:

Based in Austin, TX, Scott is a 3-time winner of the Top 25 Inside Sales Professionals by the American Association of Inside Sales, and a highly sought-after consultant, adviser, leader, and sales trainer. He has been Senior Vice President of Sales at Qualia and OutboundEngine, as well as Vice President of Sales at Main Street Hub. Scott has spent his entire professional career building and scaling sales orgs at SaaS companies and has a proven track record of lifting organizations to new heights.



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