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The Key to Successful Sales Leadership - Outside Sales Talk with Bernadette McClelland
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Bernadette McClelland is the CEO of the Sales Performance Agency‘3 Red Folders’, a recognized sales authority, keynote speaker and executive coach, well known for her expertise in B2B Sales Leadership. She has over 20 years of sales experience working for top companies like Xerox and Kodak.

On this episode she’ll share her advice and insights about what it takes to become a successful leader in Outside Sales. Bernadette talks about what conversations you need to have with your customers and prospects to get to the top in today’s noisy sales environment.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to have successful sales conversations
  • The mindset and skill-set you need to become a sales leader
  • 3 key areas sales leaders need to focus on
  • The best management style for Outside Sales

To be a successful Outside Sales Manager, you need to manage your team effectively and enable them to perform at their best. One aspect is to balance your sales reps' territories to increase their productivity and drive results.

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About the Guest: For many years, Bernadette worked on the front line for world class technology companies as a quota bearing sales executive, responsible for business development, product launches, client relationships and profitable negotiations ranging from tens of thousands to multi million dollars.

She now works in those same environments helping CEOs and their sales teams increase their sales results and performance by building a realistic and qualified pipeline.

Her business, 3 Red Folders, ensures their customers create solid results by focussing on sales strategy, sales process, target market, ratios and numbers, message to market, prospecting strategies and mindset shifts that encompass a successful and sustainable sales environment.

Having recently published her fifth book, 'The Art of Commercial Conversations - When It's Your Turn To Make A Difference', Bernadette has highlighted the 9 commercial leadership skills and conversations needed for B2B sales executives, leaders and business owners in today's world.

What differentiates Bernadette’s approach and her business offering is found at the intersection of 'sales process (business)' + 'sales psychology (behaviour)' + 'sales science (brain)' and is underpinned by a proven science backed and evidence based evaluation tool, specific to the selling field.


3 Red Folders:


Twitter: @b_mcclelland

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