Key Steps for Successful Discovery Calls - Outside Sales Talk with Victor Adefuye

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Key Steps for Successful Discovery Calls - Outside Sales Talk with Victor Adefuye

Victor Adefuye is the founder and CEO of Dana Consulting, a firm that functions as an outsourced VP of Sales for SMBs and startups. As a sales coach with over 10 years of experience, Victor has helped many companies build a repeatable and scalable sales process and trained their sales teams to close more deals with best practices. Listen in and learn what specific questions you should ask your prospects to make more successful discovery calls and close deals faster!

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to prepare for a discovery call
  • Discovery over phone vs. face-to-face
  • The 3 types of questions you need to ask
  • Tips & tricks to get the answers you need from the prospect
  • How to close out the call strong
  • Why sales scripts are critical to your sales team’s success and what elements they should entail

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About the Guest: As the founder and CEO of Dana Consulting, Victor Adefuye helps entrepreneurs and their sales teams to employ best practices as they pursue clients - avoiding the emotional roller coaster of chasing deals that either take too long to close or never close at all.

Victor is particularly skilled at identifying sales and partnership opportunities, effective communication of technical ideas (through writing and public speaking), relationship building and navigating complex individual and B2B sales from needs development to close.

He also acts as a management consultant offering guidance on B2B sales to Fortune 500 clients as they bring innovative products and services to market. Victor is a graduate of Duke University and the George Washington University Law School, where he first honed his presentation and persuasion skills.



Twitter: @dana_growth

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