Driving Sales with a Solid Channel Strategy - Outside Sales Talk with Rob Spee

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Driving Sales with a Solid Channel Strategy - Outside Sales Talk with Rob Spee

Rob Spee is an experienced channel and alliance executive, who helps clients manage strategic partnerships in order to accelerate growth and revenue. Having built successful channel sales teams from scratch and leading teams of 50+ channel sales and marketing professionals, he is highly skilled and knowledgeable in this topic.

In this episode, Rob discusses top techniques to fulfill selling-potential through channels and common mistakes people make with their channel strategies.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Maximizing selling through channels
  • Hiring the right people for success
  • Creating strategic company goals
  • Understanding the right channels for you

About the Guest:

As the Regional Vice President for Channel Sales at OutSystems, Rob Spee utilizes high-performing channel strategies to increase growth and revenue for the company. He also is the Channel Chief and Podcast Host for Channel Journeys Inc., where channel experts share their career stories and things they’ve learned along the way. Prior to joining OutSystems, Rob was the Head of Global Channels at SAS and the Director of Distributor Channels at Carbonite, where he had opportunities to grow his increasing knowledge of channel strategies, and execute new programs and revenue streams.

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