Where is the Lead Generation / Places Tool (WebApp)?

Badger Maps' lead generation tool called 'Places' helps find potential customers on the Map. The ‘Places’ tool is great to use when you want to find new leads and prospects in an area. You can use 'Places' when you are in the office or on-the-go, just go to the area of the map you want to search.

1. Log into your Badger Maps account at https://sidekick.badgermapping.com/.

2. Click “Places”.

3. In the search bar, type in the business category of the lead you want to generate. Click Save.

4. The map will show blue icons, and these are leads related to your search item.

5. "Zoom in" on the map and redo your search to get more results.

6. Click on one of the blue pins on the map, then click on the place’s name found at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to view the place’s details.

7. A pop-up box will appear with business name and address. Click on Show Details to see other info such as phone number, website, hours, etc.

8. On the bottom of the Place Details screen you can:

  • Add this place to a route
  • Add this place to your account list
  • Center this place on your map

See a full overview of the Places Tool and how to search for leads near you  in the video below!

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