How to Organize Your Customers into Sales Stages

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What if we told you that there's a way to increase your sales, save time, and become more efficient in the field. It involves taking advantage of your sales cycle by keeping track of who wants to buy and when. That advantage is Badger Maps, which makes your time in the field as efficient as possible by organizing it around the people who matter - your customers.

Organizing your customers by which stage in the sales process they're at will supercharge your sales cycle. Successful companies understand the power of striking at the right stage of the buyer's decision-making process and make it as streamlined as possible for the customer.

You can too! Organizing your customers like this is a process called CRM - customer relationship management. CRM's are typically databases, spreadsheets, or pieces of paper in the backseat of a sales rep's car that contain important customer information. Badger Maps is what happens when a CRM becomes visual, with the success of your sales in mind.

Not only will Badger Maps let you know where your customers are, it lets you know how they are. Here’s an example of how your customers could be categorized using typical sales stages:

  • Lead - Someone you haven’t spoken to, but who fits your idea of a potential customer. This could be a lead you’ve generated with our “Places” function or an address you’ve imported on your own.
  • Prospect - Someone interested in what you’re offering. You’ve spoken to them and possibly have a pitch prepared.
  • Qualified - This is a prospect who’s ready to buy, you just need to head over and make the sale. Sorting qualified prospects from prospects who still need a pitch saves you a ton of time. You can export these meetings to your calendar so you always stay on schedule.
  • Sold - These are the customers you’ve sold to, and will likely keep selling to. You can use Badger's check-in feature to make notes on any special circumstances or talking points these customers respond to for truly professional relationship building.  

sales stage

How do you make this magic happen? Create the new field (“Sales Stage,” in this example) by adding a column to the right in your Excel sheet, or by adding it through Badger Maps by going to “Manage Fields” in “Settings.” Once you have your new header or field created; you can categorize each account as lead, prospect, qualified, or sold. This also works through our ‘Places” feature, search for any business that may be a lead, label it on the spot, and strike whenever it suits you.

Organizing by these 4 categories is only one example that will skyrocket your sales. Badger Maps allows you to visualize and make notes based on the specifics of your business, you can even filter out groups that don’t need attention at the moment so you can focus on what you do best - selling. For more information, check out the Badger Maps Knowledge Base.

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