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There never seems to be enough hours in a day. Between constant meetings, calls, and planning – there is no time to waste. One simple detour will throw out several days of planning and important meetings for sales. Mapping multi points can be a tricky endeavor when you do not have the right technology. This is why it is important to have a tool that can support all the places you need to visit in the span of time you plan to. Not only does Badger Maps save you time with planning and transportation, but the route optimization software supports 23 locations per route.

However, if you are a go-getter that needs to visit more than 23 locations a day, do not worry! We still got your back. Outside sales people have a variety of types of professions and we have found solutions for those who need to complete several more meetings than the allotted 23. Find a quick and easy explanation on how to complete routes for more than 23 locations in our Knowledge Base Archives and immediately begin saving time and money while being able to see more leads than you ever have before. (Link found below.)

More meetings mean more money. Optimizing your routes means you can plan to fit more meetings and if you have more time but no more clients to meet with, you can find some using our “Places” feature. Using this will allow you to always have a full day and exceed your sales potential. You may insert any new leads into your saved routes if you would like or start a completely new route.

Do not let the “23 rule” limit you, go past expectations! Find out how many have jumped over the “23 rule” and completed more meetings here.

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