As the global health pandemic continues to wreak havoc on our country’s health systems, the economy has also taken a turn for the worst. The US economy officially entered a recession in February and a lot of uncertainty looms over return plans.

It's clear that many businesses will bear the brunt of the health crisis crash. In fact, 60,000 small businesses have already closed their doors since March. 

Despite the continuous stream of discouraging news detailing bankruptcies and permanent closures, businesses can survive by having the right mindset and a strong sales and marketing strategy

Here’s how you can prevent your business from going under due to low sales during these challenging times. 

Learning to Thrive in the Digital Sphere 

These days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a business that is not digitally present.

The days of internet yellow pages are long gone, and social media platforms are now the main storefront for many businesses. Therefore, every company should know how to market themselves and use the correct tools in the online sphere to thrive. 

Physical contact is still heavily discouraged and in-store operations have been put on an indefinite pause. As a consequence, customers are being forced to find a solution to their problems online.  

Businesses should be maximizing their online platforms to adapt to this new reality. Since online shopping crosses borders, business owners have access to a wider customer pool. 

To learn how to tread the digital waters, you should bolster your digital strategy by finding and building new leads through social media. Now might be the perfect time to do this, as the cost of Facebook ads has been dropping recently

As you focus on brand awareness and widen your reach, your sales will increase. You should also focus on nurturing customer relationships you’ve created by posting consistent updates on their social media platforms. From promos to new offerings, all of these should be highlighted on social media to help make your business more visible during these hard times.

Enlisting your existing marketing team in virtual social media marketing courses can also significantly raise your chances of success. 

Using the Correct Online Marketing Tools 

You can further increase your sales by employing the correct tools to better manage your online presence. Using social media planning tools like ContentCal can help you stay on top of your online marketing team, their strategies, and the content they plan on putting out.

If your company has a website or a blog, you should frequently check your Google Analytics dashboard to figure out if your virtual campaigns are working.

Lastly, if your business sells goods, it’s crucial to enroll in a digital marketplace. Running an online shop can be significantly cheaper compared to launching your own website because e-commerce websites already have the infrastructure you need.

Moreover, using an online marketplace gives you access to their patrons and existing traffic. 

Managing Leads to Drive Sales 

If you have previous leads that never materialized due to the health crisis, now would be the time to reach out. 

Check your database for any potential buyers that have previously asked about your offerings but haven’t really pushed through.

To further drive the chances of making sales, be sure to put extra effort into reconnecting. You can do this by scheduling a video call or delivering personalized messages that aim to build trust and confidence.

You shouldn’t forget about your main contacts either. Since most face-to-face networking events have been canceled, you should be cultivating your existing customer base.

Other than making your clients feel cared for by reaching out, you can also add more value to your relationship by asking how they’re managing the crisis. By strengthening this connection, you can lean on your contacts to provide you with consistent sales throughout these challenging times. 

You should also be looking for new leads during this health crisis. Remember that every little interaction counts. By responding to leads quickly, you can keep the attention of a prospective buyer and make a sale. 


All of the tips listed above can help your business stay afloat — especially in these uniquely trying times.

However, you need to be fully ready when life starts going back to normal. One way of doing it is by taking advantage of sales technology to make your sales process more efficient and your days more productive. 

For example, Badger Maps provides the necessary tools for reps to sell more in the field when that time comes. It also has some powerful features that can enable your sales team to sell remotely. Start a free trial today and see it for yourself.

Article exclusively submitted for by Karina Denise. 

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