How to Import Excel/CSV Files into Your Account from Your Computer (WebApp)

1. Select "Settings" on the WebApp. 2. Click on the blue bar that says “Import Accounts.” [caption id="attachment_35419" align="aligncenter" width="850"] Imports Account feature[/caption] 3. Click on ...

How to Build Filters (Web App)

So, you want to be able to filter through accounts on your map by customizable fields? Here is a step-by-step guide to creating fields to filter your accounts on the map. For all users, this can be do...

How Does Salesforce Integration Work? (WebApp)

We happily support Salesforce from within Badger Maps. Login to the WebApp. Go to "Settings" > "Salesforce", then "Connect to Salesforce". This will pull in all of your accounts or contacts. (Right...

How to Export Data from Outlook (WebApp)

Open Outlook.                                         Click File in the upper left corner. Click import/export. Click Export to a File. Click Microsoft Excel. Click Finish. ...

How to Create Text-Based Columns (PC)

How To Upload a Column as Text in Badger Select the column you would like to upload as a text column. (Keyboard Shortcut Hint: Press and hold [Ctrl] and then press the spacebar to select the whole col...

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