How to Import Excel/CSV Files into Your Account from Your Computer (WebApp)

1. Select "Settings" on the WebApp.

2. Click on the blue bar that says “Import Accounts.”

Badger Maps - Import accounts Imports Account feature

3. Click on "Import Excel/CSV."

badger maps import excel Import Excel/CSV option

4. Select "Do it Yourself".

badger maps import Do It Yourself option

4. Click on the blue tab “Upload.” A pop-up should appear to locate the file that needs to be imported. Wait for the import to process.

badger maps import tips Import tips popup

5. You will be brought to another page “Upload Successful!” Make sure that the customer address is the Address and customer name is Name. Then Click the blue button "Next".

badger maps upload successful Upload successful screen

6. You can assign any of your headers to one of our optional fields. Here are some examples. Any header not assigned to an optional field will become a field named after that header.

Under Optional Fields:

  • Customer City can be “City” – one of the headers listed in your excel file
  • Customer Zip code is “Code”
  • Customer Phone Number is “Phone”
  • If you do not have email, latitude, longitude and customer ID you can leave it "none"

badger maps Optional fields Optional fields screen

7. Under Optional Fields, click the blue button “Alright already, let’s map your data!”. Your map will start mapping accounts. This may take a few minutes. Once everything is loaded, you should be ready to go.

Capture-10.png Mapping fields

To help you import your data you can download our template here.

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