How to Import Excel/CSV Files into Your Account in 7 Easy Steps (WebApp)

The easiest way to get your customers in Badger is by importing your Excel or CSV customer file. Below is the short version - for a detailed explanation of the importing process, check out this article.

Let’s get started:

  1. First, make sure your Excel/CSV file has the right format:

For a more detailed explanation on how to format your spreadsheet, click here.

Click here to get a template with sample data to upload if you haven’t set up your spreadsheet yet.

2. Log in to the Badger Maps web app.

3. Go to Settings and click Import Accounts.

4. Select Import Excel/CSV on the pop-up window. Then select Do it Yourself.

5. Click Upload, and choose the Excel or CSV (.xls or .csv) file that you wish to import.

6. Map your data to the appropriate fields. The app will guide you through this. 

7. At the end, you’ll see a summary of how many accounts and custom fields are being imported. Click on Map It! to confirm. 

Congrats, you’re done!

Note: If any accounts failed to upload, your spreadsheet might be incorrectly formatted. Here’s how you can fix it. Once you’ve updated the list, you can go ahead and re-import it.

For a detailed explanation of the importing process, check out this article.

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