Regional Sales Manager

If you are a regional sales manager, you already know the different challenges that may arise from traveling from one customer to another. You and your team have to maximize your time, energy, and resources to ensure you get the best results each day of your work. To achieve this, you need to overcome traffic jams, unpredictable road conditions, and even route planning errors.


Badger Maps is a simple and yet powerful all-in-one solution that can help improve the way you work. It serves as a sales productivity app that can increase your sales, improve productivity, and expand business opportunities.

As a regional sales manager, you need to get familiar with the territory you are handling. This is where Badger Maps comes in. With Badger, you gain the important visualization of your customers’ location. Badger displays the whereabouts of your client on the map. It gives you information about the distance between two destinations, the time needed to travel to them, the traffic condition, and the actual turn by turn directions.

Badger Maps also serves as a lead generation app. By using the Places feature, Badger automatically identifies nearby new leads and potential customers you are not aware of before. Plus, Badger conveniently displays them on the map.

If you are managing a team, Badger Maps helps you collaborate with each other more efficiently. Badger can give you updates about your teammates’ activities and updates. You also receive a weekly progress report to evaluate.

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