Best Route Finding Software For Regional Sales Managers

When an order is placed, customers expect that you deliver your goods in a timely manner. However, there are times that this is difficult. Traffic can slow you down and poor route mapping may cause you to drive long, inefficient route. As a regional sales manager, it is your job to ensure you and your team are working efficiently. Thankfully, Badger is already here to help you. It is the best route finding software for regional sales managers.

Install Badger Maps on your computer, laptop, or Mac to quickly connect it to your CRM tool. You can also upload Excel spreadsheets or manually add your customer database to Badger Maps. Once this is done, Badger then displays all important pieces of information on your map. No more switching from one device or program to another because Badger Maps is your ultimate all-in-one solution.

Badger plots your customers’ addresses on a map so you can easily plan your trips. Know who to see first, who to see next, and who to see last. No more wondering where to go next or which way to take as Badger gives you complete turn by turn driving directions. You can also avoid traffic hotspots through Badger’s live traffic updates.

Badger automatically searches nearby places and look for potential customers. Not only that, Badger displays their exact locations so you can visit them when you passes along their way.

If you want to use the best route finding software for regional sales managers, then Badger Maps should come to mind. Start your free trial today to learn more!

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