Route Optimization Software for Regional Sales Managers

Using a CRM tool and spreadsheet will only go as far as telling you the addresses of your customers. As a regional sales manager, you know this is not enough. You must also recognize their exact locations on a map so you can easily plan your trips for the day. Not only that, but you need to quickly identify the quickest route to get to your clients. Thankfully, there now exists a reliable and cutting-edge route optimization software for regional sales managers. Introducing, the Badge Maps.

Badger Maps is designed to help sales managers see their customers on a map. By using Google Maps, Badger shows you the whereabouts of your clients and the route leading to them, the estimated time travel and distance between two destinations, and how they are distributed throughout your sales territory.

As a route optimization app, Badger suggests alternative routes in case of poor road conditions. The live traffic updates also help you avoid traffic hotspots that can easily waste your time. Never lose your way anymore as you use Badgers’ complete turn by turn driving directions and street-level mapping capabilities.

Badger lets you customize your map. You can assign colors to your customers to effortlessly identify current significant business opportunities. There are also customizable filters that you can use to hide and unhide customers. Add new locations to your list of routes and save them for later use.

If you want to know more about Badger Maps and why it is the best route optimization software for regional sales managers, you need to sign up for a free trial today.

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