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Ever wondered what makes a regional sales manager successful? While there are different factors that you need to consider, there is no doubt that among them is territory familiarity. Knowing the whereabouts of your customers and how to get to them do not just save time, but also energy and resources. If you are familiar with your territory, you can easily create more business opportunities. Thus, more and more people are now discovering the benefits of using Badger Maps, an innovative regional sales managers route planning software.

Badger Maps is an impressive route planning software. With the utilization of a highly informative map, you can quickly identify the exact locations of your customers. Badger determines the optimized routes to multiple destinations so you can reach your clients in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Enjoy using Badger’s complete turn by turn driving instructions, vivid satellite images, and live traffic updates.

If you are looking for new clients, it is best that you use Badger Maps as well. Instead of poring over yellow pages and newspaper, simply specify the type of customers you are looking for and let Badger Maps do its magic. In just a few seconds, you get a list of new leads. What’s more, you get to see on your map where these leads are located.

You can also use Badger Maps to analyze your overall marketing strategies. For example, the Colorize feature helps you identify which of your clients provide the best business opportunities.

If you want to learn more how Badger Maps became the best regional sales managers route planning app, sign up for a free trial today!

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