Why Sales People Must Create Their OWN Brand - Outside Sales Talk with John Crowley

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Why Sales People Must Create Their OWN Brand - Outside Sales Talk with John Crowley

John Crowley is the Co-founder and creator of the Knuckle Dragging Sales System. John started in pharmaceutical sales and rose through the ranks to VP of Sales for a Fortune 15 company. He now speaks to sales organizations helping other knuckle draggers as a sales coach and mentor. He is the author of ‘Knuckle Dragging Sales: Primitive process to make more money’. In this episode, John explains how to build a personal brand to take control of your career and make more money.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to create a personal brand and involve it in all your interactions
  • Controlling the narrative around your brand and it’s evolution over time
  • Building a personal brand in alliance with the company’s goals to allow reps to sell more for the business
  • Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more sales
  • How to work with marketing to create content and customize it to your personal brand

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About the Guest: John helps large sales organizations by delivering motivational and actionable keynotes and sales kickoff presentations so their salespeople leave excited to hit the field. He also guides mid-sized organizations to reorganize broken sales systems and create scalable sales infrastructures so they can scale and exit the business.

Another part of his work involves assisting sales professionals to avoid the Human Resources black hole and get in front of hiring managers so they can overcome their lack of experience. He advises sales professionals on how to develop an independent brand so they make more money and take back control of their career.

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