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How To Motivate Yourself in Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Everold Reid
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Everold Reid is a sales coach, speaker and the author of ‘The Reid Method - A Blueprint for Achieving Sales Mastery’. With over 28 years of sales experience, he shares his best tips and tricks about how you can motivate yourself in Field Sales and exceed your goals!

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • A 3-step daily ritual that helps you get motivated
  • Goal setting strategies
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • The 5-second-rule
  • Tips for successfully motivating your sales team

Learn more strategies and tactics about developing sustainable motivation and get out of your comfort zone!

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About the Guest: From his earliest year in the retail car industry, Everold Reid has been a keen student of selling, eager to learn new strategies and techniques, to build his knowledge base and, more importantly, to expand his customer base.

His sales mastery has led to top sales ranking at the dealerships where he has worked, as well as many awards for his performance. Along the way, Everold adopted the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement that remains central to his present-day sales, advertising and marketing efforts.

Throughout his career in automotive sales, Everold developed a sales and marketing blueprint that has allowed him to perform at the highest level, year after year. This blueprint is outlined in Everold’s book, entitled ‘The Reid Method A Blueprint for Achieving Sales Mastery’.

In addition to sales strategies and techniques, Everold draws on many years of marketing success in the retail automotive and advertising industry. He has initiated marketing partnerships and worked with celebrities and local non-profit groups. His advice and insights on automotive selling, advertising and marketing are sought after by some of the world’s top automotive brands including Toyota and Lexus.

Everold is also the host of “The Reid Method Insider Podcast”, where he’s been interviewing successful leaders such as Les Brown, Tom Hopkins and Kevin Eickenberry about Sales Mastery, Business Development, Personal Development and technology.



Twitter: @TheReidMethod


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