Acing Virtual Sales: Authentic Selling with Video - Outside Sales Talk with Julie Hansen

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Acing Virtual Sales: Authentic Selling with Video - Outside Sales Talk with Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen is a sales professional who specializes in training professionals to be successful in a virtual environment. She’s also the author of the sales book “Look Me in the Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners and Teams.” Julie has a background in acting, which has helped her perfect the art of being on camera. By combining her acting background with her sales career, she’s found success in teaching other professionals to overcome and conquer this new medium of selling. Julie offers workshops, courses, and personalized coaching sessions to help you master the art of building relationships in a virtual world, sell solutions, and enhance your sales reputation.

In this episode, Julie shares advice on mastering selling through video with practical tips for how to have authentic interactions on camera.

Here are some topics covered in this episode:

  • How to authentically connect with prospects through the camera and make them feel comfortable
  • The importance of your body language during a video call
  • Understanding certain qualities that can skyrocket a sales relationship
  • The benefit of preparing for a video call by practicing beforehand, understanding your body language, and adapting to this medium of selling

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Blog & Master Classes:

Book: Look Me in the Eyes - now available on Amazon

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