How to fix your spreadsheet

Or: How to get your customers on a map

What's in a good spreadsheet?

The quickest way to a good spreadsheet is to have the following: A name and address for each account/row in your spreadsheet, a header for every column of data in the spreadsheet, no missing columns (ie no blank column gap between columns), no hidden rows or columns, and everything is on the first sheet. Read on for examples that trip up our importer.

Every column needs a header

It's easy to miss a column that doesn't have a header, and this is one of the biggest issues we see. Make sure every column has a header!

Delete extra data

This is an extension of making sure every column has a header, but often we'll see notes or other extra data off to the side that doesn't have any place. This needs to be deleted before uploading to us.

Remove combined cells

The spreadsheet needs to be as vanilla as possible, so any combined cells that have a title in them, or anything like that, need to be removed.

Unhide hidden columns or delete them

Hidden columns often contain things you don't want to end up with Badger anyway. Unhide hidden columns and make sure you want them to be there, and if not, delete them.

Strip line breaks/carriage returns

Our importer struggles with things like line breaks. Make sure to remove any before uploading.

Delete missing columns/gap columns

Gap columns will throw off our importer. Make sure to remove them before uploading.

Put suite number information in its own column

Suite number information is often formatted differently, and can trip up our importer. It's best if you separate it out into its own column.

To help you import your data you can download our template here

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