Common Challenges for Sales Reps

How Badger Maps Can Help Tackle Them

Being an outside sales rep directly means that time is money and your salary is strictly intertwined with both prospecting and closed sales deals. There are some common challenges for Sales Reps. 

Spending countless hours in the car, finding a parking spot and navigating in unknown areas is the source of many a salesperson’s sorrows. Basically, it negatively affects your ability and capacity to sell effectively.

Most sales representatives rely on Google Maps, MapPoint or other similar planners to create their daily routes and schedules, but too often these apps fail at solving any long-term problems. To clarify this, let’s take a deeper look at some of the issues in practical terms. Imagine the following three scenarios – you may have even experienced them firsthand in your own days as a sales rep.

1. Last Minute Meeting Cancellations

Guess - Common Challenges for Sales Reps

The customer you’re about to meet with just cancelled the appointment at the last minute. After spending an hour driving in traffic and pollution, you’re only five minutes away from the meeting location with nothing to do. You begin to get angry and  think to yourself: “I’m not paid enough for this!”

Luckily, you can find a solution to any problem in the palm of your hand – including how to structure your day in the event of a cancelled meeting. There are several apps out there to help the “stranded” salesperson, and Badger Maps is one of the best. As a route optimization tool, you can use Badger to create daily schedules and plan down to the minute. However, what makes Badger unique from other route optimization apps is its built in lead-generation feature. 

With the lead generation tool you can maximize your time when clients cancel on you last minute. Through the app, search for potential customers nearby and add them to your route just clicking a button. In this way you're saving yourself time and energy and ultimately growing your client base. You can find nearby coffee shops with free WiFi, pastries and caffeine. They will be providing the perfect temporary work space, where you can re-plan your route in seconds using Badger Maps.

2. Inefficient Prioritization

Time Money - Common Challenges for Sales Reps

You’re ready to give your spectacular sales pitch to new potential clients. In your polished outfit and biggest smile, nothing can keep you from “wowing” these new leads and selling yourself and your product. You spend countless hours working with these clients, often times letting their happiness absorb you. At the end of the month you're disappointed and confused because your numbers weren’t as impressive as you’d hoped. This because you were devoting too much time and energy on low-priority clients and didn’t even realize it!

Focusing on the right accounts instead of falling into the trap of spending equal amounts of time on each client is a difficult, but necessary sales skill to have. Prioritizing your clients can be challenging when you’re dealing with a large pool of people all at once. Badger Maps’ on-the-go account information, colorized filters and priority rankings can help you to keep track of your customers and their priority rankings. 

With Badger Maps you are able to colorize customers by “Priority” and then filter the clients you see based on their ranking.  This feature allows you to visualize your customers and their priority levels from anywhere at anytime. In such a way it enables you to create daily schedules designed to make you most effective and productive in your sales job.  

Thanks to Badger Maps you can also visualize your accounts based on many filter of your choice. They can be: "Customer Type," "Sales Stage," "Sales YTD." They will help you to efficiently filter your clients based on many different characteristics. You can create check-ins and look at the their history in order to be ready for your next meeting.

With the field “Next Step” you can assign a value that defines the action to implement with your account: whether to give them a phone call, send them an email or go for a meeting. So you can keep on up-to-date on contacting your most important clients and also allowing you extra time to focus on the the “little guys."

3. Wait, Where Are My Accounts?

Challenges for Sales Reps

You’re driving through the city after meeting with a client and know you have another meeting nearby. What you do is:

  1. Look up on your phone who you’re meeting with;
  2. Find the address and then copy paste it into Google Maps;
  3. You go back to your CRM to look through important info to know about the client;
  4. Try to keep all this info straight as you weave through traffic to your next meeting.

This system of constantly switching between your CRM, client data and maps is inefficient and ends up causing you a lot of stress. Badger Maps allows you to sync all your CRM contacts and account information in just one platform and visualize them on a map. Your many contacts and need to constantly revise your account information is made easy in Badger.  You can filter, create check-ins, update information and map your route all-in-one place from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Having your different modes of data collection disconnected leads to disorganization and an unnecessarily stressful workday.

You can easily overcome this problem with Badger Maps, which could be the all-in-one solution for all your needs. Paying for expensive CRM software and expensive routing software, with the challenge of trying to integrate them, will not be your business anymore, because Badger can do it all for you.

To Sum it All Up

As a sales rep you may be familiar with these challenges. However, thanks to Badger Maps you can overcome them once and for all. With Badger’s unique features enabling you to...

  • Make your route planning more efficient;
  • Visualize your account based on filters;
  • Have greater responsiveness to changes;
  • Save money and time by reducing your mileage and time spent in traffic;
  • Easily find new leads;
  • Increase your client base and therefore sales;
  • Integrate your CRM, having all the data you need on one user-friendly platform;
  • Reduce transportation costs;
  • Increase the number of appointments each day;
  • Improve your clients’ experience and you own.

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