Get the Best Sales Territory Maps

By Maria Torres

Posted in Sales Tips


The day-to-day goal of a salesperson is to find new leads, improve the relationships with potential prospects, and close deals. Having a well established sales territory is vital to achieve those goals. If you want to get the best sales territory maps, you need to take into consideration what is your target customer group, where are they located, what is their relevance, and how can you approach them more effectively.

The drawbacks of not building out sales territory maps correctly are:

  • Not having balanced territories across reps, which can lead to over-servicing or under-servicing the sales territory.
  • Inefficient coverage of the territory - Without a way to organize the order in which they will visit their customers, reps end up driving too much and visiting too few customers. This is probably the most important aspect of great territory management.
  • Under serving your best customers - Its easy to overlook your best customers if you don’t have a mapping software that helps you keep track of who the most important ones are.
  • Having a “stale” territory -  A territory goes stale when there are no fresh leads in it. The salesperson doesn’t have a way of finding enough leads, doesn’t identify enough new potential customers, and they end up having the revenue in their territory level off.
  • Over serving a subset of customers - This is the opposite of under servicing customers. A rep without a territory map and schedule that is well planned out can end up spending too much time with just a few customers - overserving them. This keeps the rep from maximizing revenue out of a territory.

Its important for a sales organization to invest in building fair, balanced territories. And then its important to provide reps in the field the right tools to manage those territories. Finding a balance among this two is the key to maintain and improve your leads, your customer satisfaction, and to boost your revenue results. Fortunately, there is a revolutionary route mapping software that helps salespeople to determine their best sales territory.

We recommend finding a tool designed specifically to fit salespeople needs. The tool must be compatible with iPhone and iPad, so that reps can have access to their data anywhere, anytime.  Innovative route optimization software will save you time, gas money, will help you find the most effective way to service your prospects, and the most important, will help you make your sales number.


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