Sales territory map, What could you do with it?

In sales, reps are assigned sales territories in order to balance the workload, improve processes, and be more efficient. However, if a rep does not know how to manage their sales territories, even having the most productive sales territory won’t be able to help them.

Reps can perform better with a sales territory mapping solution, which will help them:

  • Find  information about their leads quickly and efficiently.
  • Not have to type and retype addresses into GPS or Google Maps one by one.
  • Waste time driving back and forth between across their territories.
  • Quickly focus on the best leads and customers in their territory

Sales mapping software also allows reps to:

  • Sync with the CRM or Customers Excel spreadsheets to find existing leads easily.
  • Follow the route that the sales map app has planned for you effortlessly.
  • Access data on the move on their iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • Spend 20% less time on driving and 25% more on meetings.
  • Colorize their customers with pinpoints to manage their territory better

Many of the most successful salespeople know how to work smarter not harder, and that means getting technology to do some of your work for you. Reps using Mapping technology can save time and energy in order to sell more. If this makes sense to you, then it's probably time to learn more about what you can do with a sales territory map.

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